How to Add Account Administrators

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2018 03:30PM PDT

The Classy Manager allows for administrators to be quickly viewed and edited. In this support article, we will walk through how to add or edit an admin.


1. Open the Settings Tab

Once in the Classy Manager, select the Settings tab from the left-hand menu to gain access to your organizational settings.

2. Open the Admins Section

Within the Admins section, a user is able to add a new admin, modify an existing or delete based on their permission level.

3. Add a New Admin or Modify an Existing Admin

Clicking on the admin’s name will allow you to open up the editor for the specific administrator. From here, you may select their specific permissions level as well as specify if they receive the listed notification emails.

  • Global Admin: Global administrators have access to all the organization information within your Classy account. They have the ability to remove other Admins and change extension and charity setting information.

  • Campaign Manager: Campaign Managers have access to the Fundraising tab for your entire account allowing them to create, duplicate, delete or edit campaigns. Campaign Managers are not the same as Campaign Admins. Campaign Managers have the ability to manage any campaign within an organization's account where Campaign Admins are limited to viewing and managing specific campaigns. 

  • Reporting Access: Reporting Access allows users to access the charity's reporting for all campaigns. Reporting access also allows users to manage all the data in your Classy account including, managing donations and fundraisers.

  • Campaign Administrator: Campaign admins are admins for one more multiple specific campaigns. To learn how to add a campaign admin view the support article here.

Your account administrators are the brains and strategy behind everything that goes into your Classy account. The plan your organization has with Classy will determine the number of administrators enabled on the account. Once you add a staff member to your account, that individual will immediately receive an email with login credentials.

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If you have any additional questions, please contact Classy Support for assistance.