Log In and Activate Your Classy Account

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2018 11:50AM PDT

Welcome to the Account Setup Wizard! To start, log in to your account by navigating to Classy.org and click the Login link on the upper, right-hand corner of the page. Bookmark the login page so you can get to your Classy account quickly and easily.

After you log in, activate your account to accept donations. Follow the steps below to activate your account and get started. 

1. Click Activate Account

2. Enter Credit Card Information

Your credit card information is required as a security measure. 

3. Activate Payment Processor

If you plan on using WePay as your payment processor, click Activate Your WePay Account. The pop-up that follows will prompt you to log into an existing WePay account or create a new account. Follow the prompts to complete the WePay set up. You'll be redirected to Classy afterward. If you are using WePay as your payment processor, you've completed the activation process and can return to your account dashboard

If you're unsure about whether to use WePay or another payment processor, click here to learn about Classy's Payment Processors.