Everything You Need to Know About Offline Donations

Last Updated: Jul 03, 2018 11:56AM PDT

A donor sent you a check toward a campaign. Or maybe an individual fundraiser gave you a cash donation to help reach their goal. Now, what do do with it? As an admin, you can add and manage offline donations right from your Classy Dashboard. When adding offline donations you can credit a specific campaign and individual or team fundraising pages. Below are the steps to creating and managing your offline donations.

1. Navigate to the Reports tab of your campaign

First, navigate from the Classy Manager to the Campaigns tab. From there, select the campaign that you'd like to add your offline donation to.

2. Hover over the Reports tab in your campaign

Once you've opened the campaign manager, select Add Offline Donation from the menu under the Reports tab.

Then fill out the applicable information using the offline donation form and add the payment details.  You can attribute this offline contribution to an individual or team fundraising page. The related fundraising page will automatically be updated with the offline donation. Lastly, save your offline donation, and/or start a new one!

Manage Existing Offline Offline Donation

You can manage/edit your offline donations through the Campaign Transactions Report. Navigate to the campaign that the offline gift was attributed to. Then select the Transactions Report from the Reports tab within the campaign. 

Find the line item of your offline donation using the Quick Find tool, and select the Edit button from the far left column of the report.

From the Edit screen, you can modify the donor's information, move the donation to a specific fundraising page, team or campaign, or delete the offline entry completely.

You can also modify the following:
- Donation Amount
- Payment Type
- Donation Description
- Dedication Information (if applicable).

Once finished editing the offline donation, select Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

If you have any additional questions about Creating or Editing offline donations please feel free to contact our Support Team