Submitting a Feature Request

Last Updated: Dec 03, 2018 09:51AM PST

While we cannot promise to implement every request, we read and discuss every idea you take the time to share. Your ideas and feedback are important to us, and we use them to make decisions here at Classy. 
In this article, you will learn how to submit a request. 

  1. Open the Product Request Forum
  2. Submit a Request
  3. Manage Your Forum Account
  4. What Happens After I Submit a Request?
  5. Is There a Limit to Requests

Open the Product Request Forum

There are two ways to open the Classy Product Request Forum. The easiest way is to use a direct link. But you can also click the Give Feedback link at the bottom left of the Classy Manager. After all, we recognize that some of your best ideas come while you are using the product. 

Submit a Request

Sign In / Create Account

The Classy team tracks feature requests through the Classy Product Request Forum. Before submitting a request, new and returning members will need to sign in. 1. Click the Sign In link at the top right of the forum
2. Enter your email in the text block that appears

  • If the email is tied to an existing account, the forum will give you the option to sign in
  • If the email is not tied to an account, the forum will give you the option to create an account

Note: The account creation process is quick—it won’t even ask for a password. This is to allow you to post your feature idea while it’s fresh in your mind. You can complete your account set up later and we explain how in this article

Post Your Idea

Once you sign in, you can post your idea. Use the following steps to do so. 1. Click on the Search bar and write the title of your idea

Pro Tip: When you write your idea in the search bar it will attempt to pull up identical or relevant ideas. We recommend looking through the results to see if someone already posted your idea—avoiding duplicate posts increases the chances of a feature getting made. 

2. Click on the category dropdown to sort your idea into one of 3 categories

  • Classy - This is for general feature ideas
  • Classy API - This is for any API related ideas
  • Classy for Salesforce - This is for any Classy for Salesforce ideas

3. Write a description of your idea in the text block
4. Click Post Idea to share your idea with the forum

  • When you post an idea, your account will automatically vote for it 
  • You can remove the vote (more on this later) but a vote helps draw attention to your request 

Pro Tip: Use a clear and specific title to ensure others and the Classy team can understand your idea. As for the description, try to explain why you want the feature and how it would solve a problem you are having (hint: attaching a picture is a big help to our team). Keep it short and sweet to attract votes from other forum members. 

Vote for Ideas

If you like someone else’s idea, you can vote for it. Higher votes increase a feature idea’s chances of being made.1. Locate an idea you want to vote for
2. Click the vote button to lend your support

Note: You only have 10 votes total. Limiting votes to 10 helps us know which features are the most important to you and other community members. When we close features out you get your votes back. If you want to change your votes, you can do so through your forum profile. 

Manage Your Account

You need to sign up for an account in order to post on the Classy Product Request Forum. From your account, you can keep track of your requests, votes, and add a password.Click the Settings link under your account avatar to access your account. The avatar is located at the top-right of your screen where the sign in link is. When you open your account settings, you will see your account dashboard. 

Using the Account Dashboard

The left side of your dashboard will list your feature requests and any ideas you have voted for. From here you can delete your feature requests by clicking the Delete link under the request’s title. You can also remove your vote from an idea by clicking the Voted! Button next to the idea you no longer wish to vote for. On the right you will see your account settings. From here you can manage 6 different settings:

  • Choose to receive email notifications
  • Add a profile or avatar picture
  • Change your name, email, and language
  • Set a password
  • Delete your account
  • Export all the content you have submitted to the forum  

What Happens After I Submit a Request?

After you submit a request, it will be added to the forum. From here, Classy Product Managers review each request and evaluate it alongside our current product roadmap. We can’t promise every feature will be implemented. However, we take every request seriously and can promise it is being considered.
If your idea is implemented, you will hear the update from either a Product Manager through an email from UserVoice or via a Classy Product News email. You can always check your account to see if others are voting for or commenting on your ideas. In the meantime, feel free to browse the other ideas and add votes or comments. 

Is there a limit to feature requests?

No, we welcome all your feature ideas. We suggest keeping posts to a single idea to ensure that follow-up communications will be more specific and detailed.