Submitting a Feature Request

Last Updated: Jul 06, 2018 01:57PM PDT

Classy Product Requests

You have product ideas and we want to hear them! There a tool in the Classy Help Center that allows you to submit your own product ideas or support the ideas of others in the Classy community. 

The best written requests include a story that describes how the product feature would impact your organization. Please share the story behind why the feature would be valuable and how you would use it. 

We read every request submitted and use your ideas and feedback in order to make decisions here at Classy. While we cannot promise every request will be implemented, we do review every idea you take the time to share with us. 



Posting Ideas

1. First, search for your idea. Someone may have already submitted the same great idea. All you would have to do is vote for it and possibly add a comment in support.

2. Use a clear title. The more specific something is, the easier it is to understand by us and other users.

3. One idea per post. You can post multiples, don’t worry. Keeping a post to a single idea insures the follow up communications will be easier to follow.

4. Keep the idea description short and sweet. Some inspiration to help you write your description; think about why you want this feature, why it would help you, what you currently have to do since it doesn’t exist already.

5. Not sure if a feature already exists? Take a look at the Support Center and search for the feature you are looking for. We might already offer it!

Remember, submitting a new feature requires at least 1 vote.

Voting for Ideas

1. Find the idea you want to vote for using the search bar.

2. Click the vote button and assign how many votes you want to give to a feature.

3. Your vote(s) are cast!

Remember, you only have 10 votes total. Why only 10? Limiting votes to 10 helps us know which features are the most important to you. When we close features out, you get your votes back. If you want to change your votes, through your voting profile you can find the features you voted for and click the vote button again. You also have the chance to remove your votes.

Add and vote for your ideas now!