Edit or Refund a Donation as an Administrator

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2018 09:55AM PDT

1. Locate the Donation
​2. Manage the Donation
3. Edit Custom Question Answers
4. Refund a Donation


1. Locate the Donation

To manage and/or transfer a donation to a different fundraising page or campaign, you will first need to login to your organization's dashboard, hover over the Reports tab and choose Transactions.

Using the filter or quick find tools, find the fundraiser you would like to edit/manage, and click the Edit icon in the first column for the donation you would like to manage. For more information on filtering your reports please click here .

2. Manage the Donation

In the first section of the Donation Management screen, you have the option to refund the donation, resend a receipt for the donation, and/or transfer the donation to a different individual fundraising page, fundraising team page, or campaign. When searching for individual fundraiser or team pages, you can search by fundraiser name, team name, or page title.

You can also edit the Donation Information including:

- Display Name and Email Address
- Anonymous Settings
- Opt-In Communications
- Donation Comment (will appear on activity feeds)

*Please Note: If this a a ticket or registration you will not have the option to change the Anonymous settings, Opt-In Communications or the Donation Comment. 

Finally, if the donor included a dedication with their donation, you can edit that information as well. You an also resend the dedication notification email to the honoree.

For more information on the eCards sent for dedications made during checkout, please click here.

3. Edit Custom Question Answers

You are now able to edit Custom Question Answers for Donations in a Transactions Report. (Note: This feature is ONLY available for Donations in a Transactions report. Not available for ticket/registrations, Attendees, or Fundraisers...yet.) If your donor has entered information for your custom questions and needs to change their answers, you can find them and edit them under the Custom Questions section.

Once you've made all of the necessary updates, select Save Changes and you're all set!

4. Refund a Donation

Near to top of the screen is the option to Refund Donation. Clicking on this will open a confirmation screen.

The confirmation screen allows you to simply refund the donation, or if you believe the donation to be fraudulent you can opt to block the Device and IP address of this donation permanently!

Should you have any questions regarding managing your donations please feel free to reach out to our Support Team at support@classy.org