How to Duplicate a Campaign

Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019 03:08PM PST

You can duplicate a campaign if you wish to reuse existing campaign assets or if you want to run a past campaign again. The feature is easily accessible via the arrow to the right of a campaign in your campaigns tab and is a great option for those who wish to create campaigns for use as templates.

In this article, you will learn the benefits of duplicating a campaign and how to create a duplicate:  

  1. Why Duplicate
  2. Open the Duplication Form
  3. Duplicate Your Campaign

Why Duplicate

Duplicating a campaign allows you to use another campaign as a template rather than starting from scratch. This can save you time when creating new campaigns and allows you to reuse design assets that worked well in the past. 

For example, you could create a ticketed event and name it Ticketed Event Template. Whenever you need to create a new ticketed event, you could simply duplicate this template and make a few edits for new events. Duplicates are also useful for unique or annual campaigns. For example, duplicating a previous Giving Tuesday campaign and making edits is easier than creating a new campaign each year.

What copies over?

When you duplicate a campaign, the following will copy over:

  • Your campaign’s design assets (hero images, logos, primary color, etc.)
  • Your email assets (any custom emails, global email themes, etc.)
  • Your campaign details (your donation page settings, custom questions, etc.)
  • Donations will NOT be copied over—duplicates are treated as new campaigns with no donation history  

Open the Duplication Form

1. Navigate to your Campaigns tab
2. Click the Arrow to the right of the campaign you want to duplicate
3. Click the More button at the bottom of the card that appears to the right 
4. Click Duplicate to open the duplication form

Duplicate Your Campaign

1. Fill out the duplication form
2. Click Duplicate at the bottom of the form to duplicate the campaign

Pro tip: If your duplicate does not immediately appear in your list of campaigns, refresh the page. In any case, be sure to give your duplicate campaign a unique name so you don’t risk confusing it with the original.

Note: Duplicates do not self-publish. You can make edits and publish the duplicate when you are ready.    

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