How to Duplicate a Campaign

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2018 02:52PM PDT

This article will show you how to duplicate a campaign to help save time with the creation process. This tool is especially helpful if your organization hosts the same campaign or event year-after-year. This is also helpful if you'd like to recreate the same branding from one campaign to another. 

1. Navigate to the Campaigns Tab

From Classy Manager, navigate to the Campaigns Tab and select the campaign you'd like to duplicate by clicking the arrow on the right.

2. Duplicate the campaign

After you've clicked the arrow and opened open the Campaign Health Card, click the More button and select Duplicate from the menu of options.

Duplicating a campaign will copy the campaign entirely, including design customizations, email customizations, and custom questions.

Note: Campaigns that were created in the Classic Fundraising Suite cannot be duplicated. 

If you have any additional questions about duplicating a campaign, please reach out to us here.