How to Create, Design, and Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2018 02:17PM PDT

This support article will walk you through how to create, design, and launch a Crowdfunding campaign on Classy. Our suite of design and engagement tools makes it straightforward to create a stunning Crowdfunding campaign page for a wide-range of projects.

For a quick guide on the Background and Image sizes for the Crowdfunding campaign go here.

1. Creating a Crowdfunding Campaign
2. The Builder Step 1: Campaign Basics
3. The Builder Step 2: Landing Page
4. The Builder Step 3: Donation Page
5. The Builder Step 4: Thank You Page
6. Design & Details


1. Creating a Crowdfunding Campaign

If you're working in the classic version of Classy's backend system, to start a Crowdfunding campaign, navigate to your Fundraising Tab and select the green Create New button. Then select Crowdfunding from the menu. 

If you're working in the new backend system, Classy Manager, to start a Crowdfunding campaign, navigate to the Campaigns Tab and select the green Create New button. From the drop-down menu, select Crowdfunding.

You'll land in the Campaign Builder, a four-step process that guides you through Campaign Basics, Landing Page, Donation Page, and Thank You PageImportant note: You'll need to move through the basic setup of each step before unlocking the advanced detail and design features. This is meant to get you up-and-running quickly. Critical basics first, fine-tuned details after.

2. The Builder Step 1: Campaign Basics

Once you have filled in all of the required fields, click Next Step to move on!

Note: You can edit all of the fields later within the Campaign Manager.

3. The Builder Step 2: Landing Page

Add the basic language and framework for your campaign Landing Page. Remember, this is the first page your supporters see, so consider the overarching campaign story you want to convey here.

Header Logo - We recommend an image that is 300px by 50px.

Headline - Give your campaign a concise, but catchy, headline.

Hero Image - This is the star of the show. Make it beautiful and bold. 

Featured Media (optional) - You can add one YouTube or Vimeo-hosted video, and up to four featured images.

Primary Color - Select the color for your Call-To-Action buttons and Progress Bar.

Impact - Add Impact Levels to demonstrate how donor dollars relate to your program outcomes and that encourage supporters to commit to specific giving levels. 

About the Campaign - Use text, images, and videos to tell your supporters more about your campaign and why they should invest in your cause.

4. The Builder Step 3: Donation Page

Edit the content, design, and details of your donation page. You can carry over your landing page design or change up the look and feel.

Background Image - Although you can update this image, make it consistent with your overall campaign or cause story. 

Headline - Thank your donors.

Donation Appeal - Really drive your message home here with more powerful content, images, and videos to seal the deal.

Donation Settings - Select the options for your donation frequency, and set four suggested donation amounts

Submit Button Text - Add a final, customized call-to-action that encourages supporters to click that donate button. 

5. The Builder Step 4: Thank You Page

Donors land on the Thank You Page immediately after their donation is successful.

Background Image - You can maintain the imagery used in your Landing Page and Donation Page, or choose a custom image. What about a picture of your staff or constituents holding a thank you sign?

Headline - Thank your donors. They've support your important cause!

Supporting Message - Write a message to your donor that expresses gratitude and reinforces how their donation helps your cause. This section also supports images and videos so you can close out your donation experience with a meaningful and lasting final impression.

6. Save Your Draft

Click Save Draft. Don't worry, your campaign isn't live until you click Publish. Before publishing your campaign, we recommend you fine-tune your design and go through relevant campaign settings. Step 7 will touch on some of those options.

7. Design & Details

In the Campaign Builder there are many opportunities for advanced customization of your campaigns. After you've saved your campaign draft, we recommend you navigate to the Design and Details tabs. The Design tab will dive deeper into each element of your page and allow you to make those minor tweaks that can elevate your campaign's look and feel. The Details tab will contain all of the different features and settings that are available in each step of the setup process.

We've outlined a few important options found in the Details tabs below:

Campaign Admins
Campaign Contact
Social Media
Custom Questions
Dedication Settings
Donation Settings
Donation Matching

If you have any questions or need help with any aspect of Crowdfunding on Classy, please reach out to us at

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