How to Modify Donation and Dedication Settings

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2018 04:22PM PDT

This article will walk you through how to modify campaign donation and dedication settings.


1. Navigate to the Classy Manager

If you’re in the classic dashboard view,  click on the avatar in the top right-hand of the screen and select “Try the new Classy Manager.”

2. Navigate to Your Campaign's Details tab

Navigate to your account's Campaigns tab and open the campaign you would like to manage. Then click on your campaign's Details tab.

3. Select Donation Page settings

From the Details tab select the Donation Page option from the left-hand menu.

4. Adjust Donations Settings

Review the Donation Settings and make the adjustments you would like to see on your Donation Page. Below is a description of each setting.

  • Comment with Donation - Donors can leave a public comment when they donate. This shows up in your campaign page's activity feed.

  • Anonymous Donation - By allowing this setting, your donors will have the option to donate anonymously. This will withhold their identity from any public-facing activity feeds, but still displays their donation amount.

  • Contact Opt-In Checkbox - This setting allows donors to choose whether or not they want to receive future communications from your organization. Your organization is responsible for adjusting your communications based on these responses. To see whether a donor has elected to receive future communication from your organization, you can either open your Supporters Report and look at the right-most column of the report or open your Transactions Report and add the Opt-In column to your report by clicking the Columns button. If a record lists a value of True in this column, then they have opted in. If False, then they have opted out. Additionally, if you use our MailChimp Integration, this checkbox dictates which new contacts will sync over to your MailChimp account as well. You can also choose to have this setting checked as a default.

  • Simple Billing Address - If you enable this option, the setting will replace the standard billing address fields with a single autocomplete field powered by Google Maps. This enables your supporters to move through the donation process faster with a higher likelihood of completion. Please note that customers who use address verification (AVS) through Braintree or should not enable Simple Billing Address. You can change your address verification settings in your Braintree or account if you'd like to enable the feature.

  • Classy Mode - This setting gives the donor the option to cover your transaction fees so that you receive 100% of the donation amount. This setting is automatically disabled so if you're interested in offering this option to your donors, you will need to enable it and edit the appeal text to further encourage its usage. This setting can also be checked by default, further encouraging donors to cover the fees associated with their transaction. Get more information on Classy Mode here

5. Adjust Dedication Settings

Dedications enable donors to make a gift in honor, or in memory, of a friend, family member or loved one.  This option helps create a memorable experience for your supporters.

  • Dedication Donation - First, decide if you'd like to allow donors to dedicate their donation to others. Keep in mind that Dedicate Donation must be enabled in order to allow donors to send eCards.

  • Postal Notification - You can offer to send a traditional mail dedication by enabling the Postal Notification setting. If you enable this setting, you are responsible for sending the notification by mail based on the contact information provided by the donor. Those details will be in your Transactions Report. These notifications are not sent by Classy. 

  • Dedication Emails - To offer to automatically send an email notification to the dedicatee, toggle the Dedication Emails option to Yes.

  • Ecards - If you select Yes under eCards, you'll be prompted to upload the eCard images here that donors can attach to the notification email their dedicatee will receive. eCard Image Specifications: 600x400 pixels and can be in a JPEG, GIF, or PNG file. You can upload up to four (4) eCards. When you're all set, don't forget to press Save Changes. Note that eCards show up on the donation page, when a donor elects to dedicate their gift to someone. Donors can choose one eCard.

If you need any help along the way, please contact the Classy Support Team.