How to Design a Crowdfunding Campaign Landing Page

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2018 12:48PM PDT

This article contains all image dimensions and recommended image placements for designing a Crowdfunding Campaign Landing Page.

Image Requirements:

- Under 2 MB in file size,
- JPG, PNG, or GIF
- We highly recommend you use the following image dimensions.



300 x 50px (recommended)
590 x 55px (max)

Add your organization logo or a specific logo to your Crowdfunding campaign pages. The logo is displayed in the left-hand corner of your campaign pages. You can also use a square image. If you use a square image we recommend 55 x 55px for best resolution.

2. Hero Block Background Image

1280 x 720px (recommended)

The Hero Block is the most prominent content block on Crowdfunding campaigns. Think of it as leading the charge for your campaign. The image falls behind the headline, which is 115px tall. Therefore, we recommend that the focus of your image be below 115 px from the top of the image.

Important Hero Image Recommendations:

- The Hero Image sits behind the headline, which is 115 px tall. Therefore, we recommend the focus of your image be below 115 px from the top of the image.
- Recommend position is Center & Fixed or Stretched for best quality. Note that if you choose to center the Hero Image, you might see the edges of the image at larger resolutions (anything wider than 1400px).

Not using any Featured Media (Section C)? If you don't use the Feature Media section, the layout of the Hero Block will change. This will allow you more space to add an image with more centered content.

We created guideline images for you, so your headline plays nice on any device. Click to download the Headline PSD and PNG Guide ImagesThe download will start automatically as a ZIP file. Check your Downloads folder for the ZIP file called ""

Headline Images

If you choose to use a headline image instead of a headline, it will sit on top of the Hero Image. When you upload the headline image, it will automatically resize to be 115 px tall.

We recommend using images that are at least 115 px tall to avoid a loss of quality when resizing—making smaller images larger without losing quality requires a photo editor. 

3. Featured Media

618 x 348px (recommended)

The Featured Media section can hold one video and up to four images. Videos must be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.

If a video is uploaded it will always appear in the first spot in Featured Media Section. At this time the order cannot be rearranged.



4. Impact Levels

315 x 210px

Impact Levels help your supporters choose a donation amount and demonstrate how that amount impacts your cause. Use compelling and eye-catching images.


300 x 50px (recommended)
590 x 55px (max)

The footer logo will show up in the bottom left-hand corner of your campaign. It can also be uploaded as a square, but should be kept at 55 x 55px for best resolution.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to Classy Support.