How Do I Create & Edit My Personal Fundraising Page?

Last Updated: Aug 06, 2018 03:55PM PDT

Not sure how to get involved with a cause that you're passionate about? Online fundraising is a powerful way to support your favorite organization's mission. Creating a personal fundraising page allows you to be an integral part in solving a problem. Think of your personal fundraising page as an extension of your existing social media pages - everything is customizable so that your story and connection to the cause is the central focus. Once you're all set up, you can share it with your friends and family and continue to update it as you reach your fundraising milestones.

1. How To Create A Fundraising Page As A New User
2. How To Create A Fundraising Page As An Existing User
3. Basic Page Setup
4. Edit Your Page
5. Join or Create a Team (Optional)


1. How To Create A Fundraising Page As A New User

If you are a new user of Classy, the first thing you'll want to do is create an account. You can either create an account through Facebook, or you can create an account using an email and password. Start the process of account creation by clicking the join button. The button can be customized by the organization hosting the peer-to-peer campaign, so in the example below the button says Join the Movement. 


Indicate how you would like to start fundraising.


Follow the flow of instructions for whichever option you pick for account creation (Facebook or email). Once you fill out the required information, your Classy account will be created, and you can move onto customizing your individual fundraising page.


2. How To Create A Fundraising Page As An Existing User 

If you already have an account with Classy, you'll be able to create a page by simply logging in. 


Select how you would like to fundraise.


To log in with an existing account, click on the Log In link at the bottom of the pop-up module. 


Enter the email and password for your Classy member profile and click the Log In button to continue.

3. Basic Page Setup


Once you're logged in, finishing the last steps of creating a fundraising page is quick and simple. Choose a fundraising goal that you'd like to hit, a fundraising end date, and give a quick few words about why this cause is important to you. You can also create a custom URL if you'd like!


Next, choose a profile picture so that your family and friends will know who they are donating to. 


Congratulations, your fundraising page has been created! The next section will walk you through the steps of further customizing your page to amplify your voice and personality!


4. Editing Your Page

Once you have created your page, click on the Details tab to further customize your page.


Profile Picture: Your profile picture for the campaign can be different from your member profile picture. The recommended size is 300px by 300px. 

Fundraiser Nickname: This is the name that will appear on your fundraising page. It does not have to match the name associated with your Classy account and is most commonly used to display nicknames or other creative monikers.

Headline: This is your opportunity to explain why you are fundraising for this particular cause. Is there a particular way you will be fundraising, like running a marathon, or fundraising in lieu of wedding gifts? Write about that here! 

Program Designation: A Program Designation is enabled by the organization as a way for supporters to designate funds for a specific project.

Fundraising End Date: How long do you want this fundraising party to last? 1 month? 3 years? Forever?! Be sure to set an end date for your Fundraising Page here. 

Fundraising Goal: How much are you hoping to fundraise? Shoot for the stars here; your friends and family might surprise you with their support! Remember, you can always come back and adjust your fundraising goal at any point if you find that you were a little bit overly optimistic, or if you underestimated the generosity of your loved ones.

Custom URL: Setting a Custom URL makes it easy to direct friends and family to your Fundraising Page! This URL is unique to your page and can be any creative combination of letters and numbers.

Fundraiser Notifications: Stay on top of activity on your page by adjusting the Fundraiser Notifications here. Turning these options to 'on' will ensure you can engage with your supporters and stay up to date on your fundraising progress!

5. Join or Create a Team (Optional)

Looking to join others or invite other fundraisers to join you? Try creating or joining a team from your Fundraiser Dashboard.

Looking to delete your page?

Simply go to the Details Tab and select Delete Fundraising Page


If you have any questions about Creating and Editing Your Personal Fundraising Page, please contact Classy Support for assistance.