Setting Up & Designing Fundraising Levels for Peer-to-Peer Campaigns

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2018 10:01AM PDT

Communicating the impact of an action is an effective way of motivating supporters to commit to your organization. Whether they are giving their money as a donor, spending their time as a volunteer, or opening their network to your organization as a fundraiser; people want to know that their contributions are having a positive impact on your organization and your constituents. We designed our Impact Levels to help you motivate your supporters to start fundraising by showing the impact of specific fundraising goals. This article will show you how to set up these Impact Levels for your Peer-to-Peer campaign.


1. Open Your Peer-to-Peer Campaign

Navigate to your account's Campaigns tab and click on the peer-to-peer campaign you want to edit. This will bring you to the Overview tab for that particular campaign.

2. Navigate to the Landing Page Editor

To get to the Landing Page editor, click on the Pages tab and then select Landing Page

3. Fundraising Level Setup

Scroll down the Landing Page Setup page until you see the Fundraising Levels section within the left-side editor.

*Note: As you work in the editor on the left side of the page, you will see your changes reflected in the preview on the right.


Add an inspiring call-to-action that relates to your different fundraising levels.

B. Edit Each Fundraising Level

From the Fundraising Levels Setup area, click on a Fundraising Level Icon to edit the details of that specific Fundraising Level.

Each Fundraising Level editor allows you to edit the title of the level, the fundraising goal that this level will set for a fundraiser, and a short description of the impact this amount will have for your cause.

Once you have finished editing your Fundraising Level, click Done to save your changes!

4. Design Your Impact Block

To make further customizations to your Impact Block, click on the Design Tab. Once you are in the Designer, click on the Impact Block.

Once you click on the Impact Block, you will be able to access the features that allow you to fine-tune the look of this content.

A. Headline

Customize your Impact Block's headline by editing the text of the title, the color of the text, or hide it completely by checking the Hide Headline Box. You can also rearrange the order of your Fundraising Levels by dragging and dropping them into different places. You'll see your updates or changes reflected in real-time, but don't forget to save your changes before navigating to another page.

B. Background

Below the Impact Levels, you can choose a background color for the Impact Block. To upload a background image for your Impact Block, you need to open the Advanced Options Slider. In the Advanced Options you can also adjust the image's opacity (transparency) and position, as well as the image’s blur or sharpness.

Design Tip: If you've chosen a background color and lower the background image's opacity, the image will take on a filtered look in the color your selected.


This mirrors Step 3, Section B. You can edit each Fundraising Level image, description, and fundraising goal amount here as well.

Are you almost finished but think you may still need to change something? No problem! Whether your campaign is published or unpublished, you can always manage your Impact Levels at any time by coming back to the Landing Page editor to make adjustments.

If you need any further assistance with adding Impact Levels to your Peer-to-Peer campaign, please contact Classy Support for assistance.