How to Manage Your Team as a Team Captain

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2016 08:26AM PDT

As a team captain, you alone have the ability to manage donations and make updates to your team page. This article will help you to navigate your team dashboard, and will also walk through the different features available to help you better engage and manage your team.

1. How to Locate the Team Dashboard
2. How To Edit Your Team Page
3. How to Post an Update
4. How to Thank A Donor
5. How to Share your Team page


1. How to locate the Team Dashboard


Log into your Classy account, and access your team fundraising page from your list of current fundraisers by clicking the Manage button next to the appropriate page to navigate to your team dashboard.

Once you’re in your team dashboard, you can easily navigate between managing your team page and individual fundraising page by clicking the Go To button in the top-right corner.

2. How to Edit Your Team Page

As with an individual fundraising page, you have the option to editing the content of your team page.

Profile picture: Upload a picture of your team to let donors know who they are supporting. The recommended profile picture size is 300x300.

Headline: Let your audience know what your team is all about! This headline description will appear right below your team name on the team page.

Fundraising goal: Please replace with: How much are you hoping to fundraise? Remember, this number can always be adjusted at a later date if you find that you have overestimated, or hopefully underestimated, your team’s potential!

Allocation Method: Set your default preference for how funds are dispersed among your team members' pages if a donation is made directly to the team page.

Default Thank You Message: Set your standard Thank You message that is sent to any donors who give directly to your team page.

Don’t forget to save your changes when you are done!

3. Post an update to your page

Keep your donors updated on your fundraising progress! Similar to a blog post, status update, or tweet, you can post updates directly to your page as you fundraise to consistently engage your supporters, and relay your fundraising story. Is your team hosting a pub crawl as a fundraiser? Post some photos from the event to show everyone how it went! By keeping your supporters involved in fun and creative ways, you are sure to increase your page's visibility and improve your chances of reaching your fundraising goal.

As you work on your update, keep in mind that there are many customizations you can apply to your content to make your post really pop!

Bold, Italicize, and Underline: Edit your text using any of these options with the push of a button
Bullet Points: Add bullet points to keep your ideas organized.
Insert Hyperlink: You can insert a hyperlink by highlighting the text that you'd like to turn into a link, and then clicking the chain link icon below the text block. It will ask you where you'd like the text to link to, and whether you want it to open in a new tab. Copy and paste the link you would like to point to into the appropriate field.
Upload an image: Upload an image by clicking the image uploader icon. Adding photos to updates keeps your activity feed engaging and dynamic. We highly encourage it!

4. How to Thank a Donor

The Donations tab allows you to view all donations that have made to your team page. To thank a donor, click the thank button next to the donation amount.

Write a quick comment to thank the donor for their donation. Keep in mind that this comment will show up publicly on the activity feed of your team page, and will be sent via email to the donor as well.

Once the donor has been thanked, their donation will be marked with a checkmark to indicate you've already thanked them.


5. How To Share Your Team Page

As a team captain, you can easily share your team page with your network by clicking on the social media share icons on the team dashboard. These icons are located on the top right of the dashboard.

Here is a breakdown of the functionality of each icon


Post a status update on Facebook about your team. A status update will be created for the account that is currently signed into Facebook. The link will automatically be included, but you can create your own text to include with the link.


Send a tweet about your team's progress! Clicking on the Twitter icon will create a tweet with a pre-populated message and the link to your campaign. However, don't feel limited by this, as you can easily replace the default text with your own.


Lastly, the link icon is a quick and easy way to obtain the link to your team landing page. This is a great place to visit to identify which link to share with family and friends in emails and other communications.


If you ever have any questions about how to utilize the Team Captain Dashboard as you manage your team, please contact Classy Support for assistance.