How to Thank Your Donors as a Fundraiser

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2018 10:07AM PDT

This support article will walk through the different ways you can thank your donors as a fundraiser.


1. Thank From the Fundraiser Dashboard Donations Tab

From your fundraiser dashboard, select the Donations tab to generate a list of donations made to your fundraising page.

Select the Thank button located to the right of a donation, type your message, and click Comment! You can also use the Mark Thanked feature, which indicates who you have thanked and who you have yet to thank for their donation.

2. Thank From the Fundraiser Activity Feed

From your live fundraising page, scroll down until you see the Fundraising Page Activity Feed located near the bottom of the page. This will display the most recent activity on your page. You can thank donors here by clicking the Reply button next to a donation, typing your thank you message in the resulting text field, and selecting Post Comment.

3. Thank Through Email

From your Fundraiser Dashboard, select the Emails tab, then select the Thank Your Donors email template. If you prefer to thank your donors via email, this will provide you with a pre-populated thank you email template. 

Select Copy Message, paste the copied language into a new email in your personal email account and send the thank you. This copied message contains a link back to your personal fundraising page as well!

For any questions regarding thanking your donors, please contact Classy Support.