Classy Login FAQ

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2018 08:40AM PDT

 In this article, we'll answer FAQs about Classy Login.   


How do I log in?

Depending on the type of user that you are, Administrator or Supporter, there may be several ways to log in and manage Classy information. The most direct way to visit

If you are the Administrator of a Classy account you will likely log in through the Classy homesite or from a Domain Masked login portal (Pro Clients only).

If you are a Supporter you can log in from your individual fundraising page, team pages, campaign landing pages, or through email prompts for donation receipts, recurring donations, and fundraising page notifications.

Why do I need a login?

Depending on the type of user that you are, Administrator or Supporter, there are many things on Classy that can be managed when you log in. All of these actions are tied to what is called a Classy Member Profile. When you log in to Classy you can manage your recurring donations, resend yourself a receipt, update personal information, manage your individual or team pages, or manage a Classy nonprofit account or campaign.

What is a Classy Member Profile?

A Classy Member Profile is your one-stop shop for all of your activity on Classy. This includes donation history, recurring donation management, personal information, individual/team fundraising page management, nonprofit account administrator access, or campaign administrator access.
Classy Member Profile is created in our system according to your email address. For more information on getting logged in to manage your Member Profile please refer to this support article.

How do I reset my password?

In the case that you forget your password, you can easily reset your password by selecting Forgot Password? on the next screen just enter the email address that is associated with your Classy Member Profile. If your email address is found within our system then a code will be emailed to you. Enter this code and proceed to update your password. More information on this process can be found here.

What are the password requirements?

Your password will need to consist of the following:
-Minimum of 8 characters
-At least 1 letter
-At least 1 number
-At least 1 special character: ~"\'!?@#$%&*()-_=+{};:,.>[]

Is there an age limit for a Member Profile?

Due to the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) federal policies, Classy Member profiles cannot be created by anyone below 13 years of age. More on this policy can be found here.

I entered my email address incorrectly how can I fix that? 

If your email is entered incorrectly please contact Classy support so that your information can be updated. You can reach the Classy support team here

Is there a session time limit?

After 8 hours of inactivity, you will be logged out of the system automatically.

Have any additional questions about logging in to Classy? Feel free to reach out to our support team here.