How to Add a Team to a Peer-to-Peer or Registration with Fundraising Campaign

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2018 09:12AM PDT

Account and Campaign Administrators have the ability to create fundraising teams through the Campaign Manager. In the case that your organization would like to have all fundraising team pages created before publishing your campaign, this would allow supporters to join existing fundraising teams. This article will explain how to create teams as an administrator. 


1. Open Your Campaign

Navigate to your account's Campaigns tab and click on the campaign you want to open. This will bring you to the Overview tab for that particular campaign.

2. Add Fundraising Team from Reports Tab

Once inside the Campaign Manager, hover your cursor over the Reports tab, and select Add Fundraising Team.

3. Add Team Details

There are two mandatory fields for the team page to be created. A Team Name and a Team Goal.  Set the fundraising goal that this team will be working toward. The goal may be adjusted at any time by the team captain from their Team Captain Dashboard.

If you have any more questions about adding a team to your Peer-to-Peer campaign, please contact Classy Support.