How to Create and Modify Campaign Messages

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2018 10:36AM PDT

Within Classy's Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer campaigns, you can create and send emails to groups of supporters who have interacted with your campaign. You can send emails to all of your campaign's contacts at once (donors, fundraisers and team captains), or you can send an email to only donors, fundraisers, or team captains. This article will describe how to create and send Campaign Messages.


1. Navigate to Campaign Message Setup

From the Classy Manager navigate to the Campaigns Tab and open campaign you would like to create a Campaign Message for. Then navigate to the Email Tab. From there, select Campaign Messages. Then click on the Create New email to create the Campaign Message.

Select the segment that you would like to send this email to. There is an option of sending the email to all of your Campaign contacts (includes donors, fundraisers, and team captains), Donors, Fundraisers, and to your Team Captains. The options available will depend on the campaign type you're using. 

2. Email Builder Step 1: Template

Pick which template you would like this email to start with. Below are descriptions of each template.

  • Blank: This email template will allow you to keep the message short and sweet. It is intended for providing basic updates to your supporters about the progress you have made during your campaign.

  • Image: This template is the most robust email template, as it may contain up to two call to action buttons, an image block and any supporting copy you would like to include.

  • Text: This template will allow you to add text and also has a place to insert a signature, which can be used for a more formal looking message to your supporters.

3. Email Builder Step 2: Setup

The Setup step asks for three main components of your email.

  • Email Name - Internal: This is for you as an organization to clearly label the different emails that you are sending to keep your communication strategy organized.

  • From Name: Who your email will appear to come from. We suggest using the name of your organization.

  • Reply To Email Address: If a supporter decides to reply to the email, the email address entered in this field will receive that reply.

4. Email Builder Step 3: Content

Now, you are ready to edit the actual content of your email. Each template has a slightly different offering of content blocks within this section. For the purposes of this article, we will be covering the Image email template because it contains the most diverse set of content blocks.

To get started, click on the first content block from the list on the left of your editor.

A. Email Background: Choose a background color from the color picker or enter a custom hex code to ensure this email is consistent with your organization's branding.

B. Preheader: Add text to the very top of the email. Note that this often appears as an extension of the subject line. You can also edit the color of this text.

C. Header: Add your organization's logo or a logo specific to your campaign. You can also edit the header background color here as well.

D. Image: Upload an image to your email or select one from our library of stock images.

E. Text: Input and style the text content of your email.

F. Button Group: Choose to show both call to action buttons, or just one, and where you want these buttons to take your supporters. You can also change the language on the buttons to reflect your campaign's messaging and branding.

G. Footer: Choose the color of the footer and the footer text color.

5. Email Builder Step 4: Save

After you have completed the steps above you will be asked to confirm your changes before sending the email. You can always make updates to the Setup if needed. In this step, you can also send a test email to yourself so you can make sure the email looks exactly how you want it.

If you have any questions along the way regarding your Campaign Emails please feel free to reach out to the Classy Support Team.