How to Create Custom Emails

Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019 09:33AM PST

With Classy, you can create and send custom emails to the supporters who have interacted with your campaign. These are called campaign messages and we offer 3 templates that can help get you started. You can use the messages and templates to target all of your supporters within a campaign or specific groups. 

In this article, you will learn how to create and send campaign messages. 

  1. Create the Email
  2. Edit the Email
  3. Review and Schedule the Email

Create the Email

1. Open the campaign that you want to create an email for 
“advanced 2. Click the Email tab
3. Click on Campaign Messages from the left-hand menu
4. Click on the Create New button
5. Click on the recipient list you want to send the email to from the pop-up that appears

  • The available options will depend on the campaign type you’re using
  • Read the descriptions for the options that appear to help you choose the right recipients 

Pick a Template

1. Pick the email template you want to use “advanced

  • Blank: This email template is a good match for messages that are short and sweet. Use it to provide basic updates to your supporters about your campaign’s progress.

  • Image: This template is the most robust option—you can add an image, supporting text, and two call to action buttons. Use it to share engaging updates or drive supporters to your donation page and website. 

  • Text: This template lets you add text and insert a signature for a professional look. It is a good match for formal messages.  

For the purpose of this article, we used the Image template. While the editing options differ depending on the template you choose, the overall setup process for each template is similar, and the next sections will provide the steps you need to perfect your design. That said, we have examples that can help you choose at the end of this article

Edit the Email

Set up the Details


1. Enter the Internal Email Name you want to use

  • This is the name you will use to identify the email in your Email Dashboard

2. Enter the From Name you want to use
3. Enter the Subject text you want to use

Pro Tip: You can also use smart variables in your email subject. Smart variables allow you to pull in information such as the first name of recipients to give messages a personal touch. To do so, click on the blue tags at the bottom corner of the email subject text block.  

4. Enter the Reply-to email address you want to use
5. Click the Edit Email Content button to save your work

Edit the Content

In the content editor, you can use the content blocks in the left-hand menu to change the text and appearance of your email. Each content block corresponds to a particular part of the email template. “advanced
1. Click on the content block you want to edit from the left-hand menu

  • When you click a content block, editing tools will appear 

2. Use the editing tools that appear to customize your email
3. Click the Save Changes button to save your edits
4. Click the X to return to the content block menu
5. Repeat steps 1-4 with the other content blocks 

6. Click Review Email when you are finished with the content blocks to move on 

Review and Schedule the Email

From the review screen, you can change the email details and inspect the appearance of your email. 
“advanced 1. Verify that your From, To, Subject, and Reply To information is correct

  • If anything is incorrect, click on the appropriate edit link 

2. Verify that your email content in the right-hand preview is correct

  • If anything appears incorrect, click on edit content at the top of the page

3. Send yourself a preview email to make sure everything is correct 
4. Click Schedule Send to schedule or send your email

  • Your campaign must be published in order to schedule or send the email.
  • ​​If your campaign is not published, you can still save the email as a draft

Template Examples

Blank Template


Image Template


Text Template


Ready to pick a template and create an email? Take your pick and jump up to our editing instructions.

​If you have any questions, you can start a conversation with our Care Team.

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