Custom HTML & CSS Code Guidelines

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2018 04:38PM PDT

This article will describe the various restrictions that Classy has implemented to ensure that all HTML & CSS code written into Custom Blocks will not have any effect on the security of our pages. Please review each requirement to ensure that the code you create is 100% compliant with our platform.


Securely Stored Image FIles

All images, including background images, must be sourced from a secure URL that begins with https://.

No External Stylesheets

Classy does not support any external stylesheets to be referenced within your custom code. If your code uses <link> tags or the @import property to pull in external stylesheets, this portion of code will be stripped during processing.

No External Scripts

Classy does not support any external scripts. Any code between <script> tags, or any references to external JavaScript code will be stripped from your Markup upon processing.

External Fonts

The only external Fonts that are supported by Classy are Google Fonts. If you attempt to use @font-face or @import to pull in external fonts of your own, those directives will be stripped from the code upon processing.

If you do wish to use a Google Font, you do not have to use @import to pull the font into your styles. Classy will automatically source any Google Font for you if you declare it in a font-family property.

Block Exclusivity

Styles written within a Custom Block will only be able to target HTML elements that live within the same Custom Block as the style. It will not be possible to target elements that live within other content blocks on the same page.

While we are happy to review the code you are writing within a Custom Block, we do not provide support in building code. If you have any questions please contact Classy Support.