How to Set Up Your Campaign's Global Email Theme

Last Updated: Dec 02, 2018 11:00PM PST

A global email theme is a design template that you can apply to emails in a Classy campaign. You can use a global email theme to create well-designed messages that engage and encourage supporters. Better still, using consistent designs can build brand loyalty and recognition.  

In this article, you will learn how global email themes work and how to set them up.  

  1. About Global Email Themes
  2. How To Use Global Email Themes

About Global Email Themes

A global email theme is essentially a design template you can apply to emails in a Classy campaign. More specifically, the global theme editor allows you to manage 4 key design elements of emails:

  • The background color
  • The logo and header color
  • The color of primary buttons 
  • The footer background and text colors 

When you apply your global theme, the edits you make to these four design elements will automatically apply to all the emails in your campaign. We strongly recommend setting up your global theme before any of your emails. This will cut down on your editing time for other emails and ensure design consistency. To set up a global email theme, follow the steps in the next section.

How to Use Global Email Themes

Open the Editor

1. Open the campaign you want to edit
2. Click the Email tab
3. Click on Global Theme from the left-hand menu

Edit the Email Theme

In the content editor, you can change 4 key design elements using the content blocks in the left-hand menu.1. Click on the content blocks in the left-hand menu

  • Each content block corresponds to a particular part of the email
  • When you click a content block, an editor for that part will appear 

2. Use the editing tools that appear to customize your email
3. Click the Save Changes button to save your edits
4. Choose to apply your changes to all emails or to keep custom edits in the pop-up that appears

  • Apply To All Emails - Your changes will be applied to all existing emails and any new emails you create. This is a good option if you are setting up emails for the first time or if you need to update your branding across emails.  

  • Keep Custom Edits - Your changes will only be applied to new emails you create from that point on. Be sure to choose this option if you want to preserve the design of any existing emails. 

5. Click the X in the editor to return to the content blocks
7. Repeat the editing process for the other content blocks
6.  Click Done Editing when you are finished with the content blocks to save your work

If you have any other questions, contact our Care Team.

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