How to Set Up Your Campaign's Global Email Theme

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2018 04:23PM PDT

Would you like to easily create well-branded Campaign Emails while also saving yourself a bunch of time and effort as you manage a campaign? Well, it all begins with your Global Email Theme. The Global Email Theme allows administrators to design one branded email for a campaign which will then apply your design to each email you create for your campaign down the road. This support article will guide you through the steps of establishing your Global Email Theme.


1. Open the Campaign Manager

From the Classy Manager click on the Campaigns Tab to view the campaign you'd like to manage.

2. Open Email Dashboard

Locate the Email Dashboard for your campaign by clicking on the Email Tab in your Campaign Manager.

3. Enter Global Email Theme Setup

Under the Email Settings section of the Email Dashboard, click on Global Theme.

4. Customize Email Template

Once you have opened the Global Email Theme set up, you'll be able to customize the following:

A. Email background color
B. Campaign logo and header color
C. Primary button color
D. Footer background and text color

To get started, click on the component you would like to customize.

5. Save Email Theme

Now that you have customized your email theme to complement your beautifully designed campaign, be sure to click on Save Email Theme. This will ensure all emails sent through this campaign will retain the same great look and feel as you progress toward your fundraising goal!

If you have any questions about Global Email Themes, please contact Classy Support for assistance.