Rebranding Checklist

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2018 04:21PM PDT

If your organization is rebranding, we recommend reviewing the settings listed below. All or some of these items may need updating depending on what is changing during the rebrand of your organization. This article is divided by items that you can change within the product and items that can be changed by Classy's Support Team.

Items that can be changed within the product

  • Account Settings - This includes the organization logo, the organization name, and the organization email address. Change your account admins and notification email addresses as well.

  • Campaign Settings - Campaign logos, names, and images. This would include background images and header logos. Change the hosted by email address and campaign contact for each campaign as well.

  • The global email theme design - This will need to be changed for each campaign that is being rebranded. 

  • Payment processor admin email address

Items that Classy Support can help with

  • Domain masking - The domain masking process will need to be completed again if changing domain names. You can read more about that in our Setting up Domain Masking Support Article.

  • Update domain name within the reply-to email address - This will need to be done in order to change the reply-to email address that appears within the email engagement tool and will have to be completed within the database.

  • Update redirect URLs that have been applied to your account

If you have any additional questions please reach out to Classy Support.