How do I Create a Registration for a Registration with Fundraising Event?

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2018 08:46PM PST

Creating and modifying registration types can help you communicate the purpose of your event and your supporters’ role in it. For example, you can add cheaper registrations that come with volunteer opportunities to engage a wider range of attendees. Take advantage of registrations to reach your audiences and encourage them to attend your events.  

In this article we explain how to create and edit registrations for a Registration with Fundraising Event:

  1. Create New Registration
  2. Edit Your Registration Details
  3. Managing Your Registration

Create New Registration

 1. Open the Registration with Fundraising event you want to edit
details and registration menu 2. Click the Details tab and then Registrations
 3. Click the +Add section to create a new registration

Pro Tip: You can duplicate an existing registration rather than starting from scratch. To do so, click Duplicate on the bottom of the registration you want to copy. This is a good option if you want to offer a new registration that only needs a few edits. 

Edit Your Registration Details

editing a registration's basic details1. Type your basic registration information into the text blocks

  • You can offer unlimited registrations and make them free by marking the appropriate checkboxes

Note: The term and transaction fee settings apply to all the tickets in an event (these settings are located at the top of your tickets). We recommend making this event level decision before publishing your campaign. To learn more, please view the end of the article


editing finer details 2. Click the Edit Details Dropdown
 3. Click on the text blocks or dropdowns to fill out your registration details 

  • Registration description - explains what a registration gives access to
  • Registration available from / until - specifies when the registration is available
  • Attendees per registration - limits how many people a registration grants entrance for
  • Maximum registrations per order - limits how many registrations a person can order at once

setting the tax deductible amount4. Set your tax deductible amount

  • This is the portion of your registration that is tax deductible—you can choose to display a dollar amount or a percentage of the registration price
  • The amount will appear on your purchasers' registration receipts

Note: Using promo codes is a valuable way to increase event attendance. For tips on best practices, take a look at the strategies our professional writers recommend. 

It is important to note though that promo codes can affect the tax deductible amount of your registrations. If a promo code is applied to a registration and is more than the tax deductible amount, the promo will deduct from the donation portion first  and event cost (fair market value of the registration) second. To learn more about using promo codes, please view our guide

crediting registration costs5. Choose whether you want to credit registration costs to a fundraiser 

  • Choosing Allow credits the cost of registration toward your supporters’ fundraising pages—this adds activity to their page and progress bar which can attract more donations
  • Turning this feature on part way through your event will not be retroactive and will only apply toward new registrations from that point on

 6. Click the green Save Changes button at the bottom of the page to save your registration

Managing Your Registrations

Basic Management

  • You can edit your registrations at any time. Simply uses the steps from the previous section on any of your existing registrations. 

  • You can reorder your registrations by clicking on the 3 lines at the top left of a registration and dragging it to the desired place

  • You can delete a registration by clicking the X at the top right of a registration 

Registration Feessetting registration fees

  • You can set whether the organization or the customer pays your transaction fees. If you choose to have customers pay the fee, the registration cost will automatically adjust.

  • This setting will apply to all of your registrations. For example, you cannot have the organization pay the fees for a registration and have customer pay fees for another. This is to avoid customer confusion. 

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