How to Customize the Event Individual Fundraising Pages

Last Updated: May 23, 2017 12:58PM PDT

You can easily customize your event's individual fundraising page template in a few simple steps. Some of these fields can be customized by the individual fundraiser. Add relevant content to your template to help explain your event to potential attendees and donors.

1. Manage Your Campaign
2. Select Pages and Navigate to the Fundraiser Page
3. Review Setup
4. Review Design
5. Review Details

1. Manage Your Campaign

Navigate to Manage next to the campaign that you want to edit.

2. Select Pages and navigate to the Fundraiser Page

Select Pages and then click Fundraiser Page to edit everything related to your event's individual fundraising page.

3. Review Setup

The Setup Tab will allow you to edit various aspects of your individual fundraising page. This will be the default fundraising page that someone sees when they create their individual fundraising page. Set a default individual photo so that all of your individual fundraising pages include a photo. Keep in mind that different fields such as the Fundraiser Headline, Story Title, and Story can be changed by the fundraiser.

A. Individual Fundraising Goal

Add a default goal for your fundraisers. This can be changed by the individual fundraiser. 

B. Individual Cover Photo

Add a cover photo that will apply to all individual fundraising pages. This cannot be changed by the fundraiser. 

C. Default Individual Photo

Add a default individual photo so that individual pages are branded if the individual decides to not upload their own photo. 

D. Default Fundraiser Headline

Provide a short, inspiring headline. 

E. Default Story Title

Welcome supporters to the fundraising page.

F. Default Story

Include a default introductory story to communicate what the campaign is and why the individual is fundraising for your event.

4. Review Design

The Design Tab contains the Content Blocks for the Individual Fundraising Page. These include the Header, the Body, and the Footer. Click on each content block to further customize the look of your Fundraiser Page.

The Body Content Block will allow you to show specific metrics and details

5. Review Details

The Details Tab will allow you to customize the Fundraiser Settings. This includes the Fundraising Thank You Message and the Fundraiser Appeal Message.

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