How to Customize the Event Team Fundraising Pages

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2018 03:13PM PDT

You can easily customize your event's team fundraising page template in a few simple steps. Some of these fields can be customized by the team captain. Give team captains a leg up by adding relevant content to your template that helps explain your event to potential fundraisers, attendees, and donors.

1. Manage Your Campaign
2. Select Pages and Navigate to the Team Page
3. Review Setup
4. Review Design
5. Review Details

1. Manage Your Campaign

Navigate to the Fundraising Tab and select Manage next to the campaign you want to edit.

2. Select Pages and Navigate to the Team Page

Select Pages and then Team Page to edit your event's team fundraising page template.

3. Review Setup

The Setup Tab lets you edit your team fundraising page. Make sure you set a default team photo so all your team fundraising pages look uniform and branded. Keep in mind that different fields like the Team Headline, Story Title, and Story can be changed by the team captain.

A. Team Fundraising Goal

Set a default goal for fundraising teams. The team captain can change this fundraising goal.

B. Team Cover Photo

Set a cover photo for your fundraising team pages. This cannot be changed by team captains.

C. Default Team Photo

Add a default team photo so that team pages are branded if the team captain decides not to upload their own team photo.

D. Default Fundraiser Team Headline

Provide a short inspiring headline.

E. Default Story Title

Welcome supporters and fundraisers to the page.

F. Default Story

Include an introductory default story to communicate what your event is about and why the team is participating.

4. Review Design

The Design Tab contains the Content Blocks that are on the Team Fundraising Page. These include the Header, the Body, and the Footer. Click on each content block to use the customization tools. 

Click in to each content block to customize the page. For instance, the Body Content Block lets you toggle team metrics on and off. 

5. Review Details

Navigate to the Details Tab to customize the Team Settings and set Custom Questions.

Click Team Settings to customize the primary email that teams can send to their family and friends. Like the default story, its best to give team captains a leg up on how to communicate to supporters and team members. These emails appear in the Team Page Dashboard. The team captain can then copy/paste the text into their personal email provider, like Gmail or Outlook. 

The following emails can be edited by the admin during the campaign setup, but will be unable to be edited within Classy by the team.

Team Thank You Message - Edit this email that is sent from the team page to supporters.

Team Appeal Message - Customize this email that can be sent from the team page to supporters to solicit donations.

Finally, you can add Custom Questions specific to your team captains. These questions will appear in the team registration process for your event. 

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