How to Setup Braintree & PayPal Express Checkout

Last Updated: Nov 26, 2018 01:35PM PST

We’re excited to get you started with Braintree, a PayPal service. Follow these steps to create a Braintree account and integrate with Classy to begin accepting donations by credit card and, optionally, PayPal Express Checkout.

1. Call Braintree Representative to Begin Application Process
2. Fill Out Your Braintree Account Application
3. Obtain Braintree Credentials and Send to Classy
4. Classy Confirms Successful Setup Confirmation


1.  Call Braintree Representative

Braintree can be reached at 877-511-5036 or emailed at Upon calling or emailing, let them know you are a Classy customer. A Braintree representative will help you get started on the application by sending you a unique application link. Let the representative know if you are also interested in offering PayPal Express Checkout as a donation method, and they will guide you through the easy setup process.

  • Phone Hours: 8 AM - 7 PM CST, Monday - Thursday. 8 AM - 5 PM, Friday.

  • Expect email responses within a business day.

2.  Fill Out Your Braintree Account Application

Use the link provided via email to access your application and to ensure that your Sales Representative is tied to your application. 

Typical application approval timelines after the application is submitted:

  • U.S.: 2 weeks

  • Canada: 3-8 weeks (Braintree partners with a different banking partner in CA)

Application Tips - Braintree uses one application form for every entity type (LLC, Public, NPO, Corp., etc.). Below are some helpful tips to navigate the application for an NPO entity:

  • In the “Business Information” section, select “Tax Exempt” as the business type.

  • In the “Your Information” section of the application, it will require that someone from the organization enters their personal information, and is known as the authorized signer of the application. This information is only used to verify the authorized signer’s identity, as well as to prevent someone from applying on behalf of the entity that isn’t authorized to do so.

  • In the “Processing Information” section, select “Non-Profit” for Industry Type, and in the “Business Description” field, enter “Taking donations through Classy”.

  • In the “Business Information” section, you will be asked to submit a website URL.  If you have set up your domain masking through Classy, please provide your domain masked URL (ex.  If you have not set up domain masking for your Classy account, please enter  You should not enter your home website URL.

  • In the "Banking Information" section, you will need to enter the Entity banking information for the bank account where funds will be deposited.

  • After you hit “submit” on your application, you can upload your 501(c)3 designation letter to prove your nonprofit tax-exempt status, and qualify for reduced non-profit pricing. You can upload it after you hit “submit” on the application page. If you do not have it available when you submit your application, you can also submit it once your Sales Representative follows up via email.


3.  Obtain Braintree Credentials and Send to Classy

Once your account is approved, Braintree will send an email to set up login credentials. When logged into your Braintree account, you will have access to the control panel where you'll find the following information.

  • Merchant id

  • Public key

  • Private key

  • Merchant Account id

  • PayPal email* 

Having trouble locating the above credentials? Click here.

*Only necessary if you want the PayPal Express checkout button on donation checkout forms. PayPal checkout through Classy is only supported for US-based organizations at this time. To learn more about PayPal Express setup, please view this guide

Important Step: Please email the above credentials to Classy here. After you've emailed our team with the requested information, please allow 48 hours (2 business days) for our team to process your request. 

4.  Hear back from Classy for Successful Setup Confirmation

Once the process is complete, our team will notify you and make a transaction to ensure your account is correctly set up and ready to accept donations via Braintree. If you have any questions, please contact Classy Support for assistance.