How to Add Custom Questions for Donation Page

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2017 10:46AM PDT

Interested in collecting information outside of the default name and email fields on your donation page? Custom questions let you collect information outside of the default questions asked on the donation form. In the Custom Questions settings, we've provided some fairly common questions, but you can also add a completely custom question with a wide range of answer types. You might want to use custom questions to learn: a donor's birthday, how a supporter heard about your organization, why a donor chose to support your organization, and many more reasons to learn more about your donors. In this article, we'll cover how to create custom questions and walkthrough how they'll appear in reporting.

1. Navigate to the Donation Page Details
2. Create a Custom Question
3. How Custom Questions Appear in Reporting


1. Navigate to the Donation Page Details

From your Fundraising Tab, select Manage next to the Donation Page.

Select Details and then navigate to Questions.

2. Create a new Custom Question

Commonly asked custom questions for contact information are pre-created for your convenience. Toggle them on if you'd like this information to be collected on the donation checkout page. They can also be made required by checking the required box. 

You can also create your own custom questions as well.


In the Question field, write the actual question you wish to ask your supporter.

In the Question Type field you can indicate what the most appropriate field format is for the answers to your questions to be collected in.

Read below for a brief explanation of each of the available question types.

  • Single Line Text - Supporter will have a single line to answer the question.

  • Multiple Line Text - Supporter will have a paragraph to answer the question.

  • Date - Question will be answered with a specific date selected from a calendar.

  • Yes/No - Answer will be either yes or no

  • Dollar Amount - Answer will be a dollar amount (in USD)

  • Event Waiver - The 'answer' to this question is a checkbox that serves as acknowledgement of a waiver.

  • Custom Select List - A multiple choice drop down.  See below for an example: 

Lastly, you can make any custom question required by checking the Required box to the right of the Question Type field.

Important Note: Custom Questions can always be edited or rearranged within your Custom Questions settings as well. Simply start typing in your revised question in the Question field, or drag and drop your question to a new spot in your list of questions. Then click Save Changes for those changes to take effect on your live campaign.

3. How Custom Question Answers Appear in Reporting

Custom Questions will appear in the Campaign Level Transactions Report. 

Each question will have it's own column included at the right-most end of your reports, as seen in the screenshot below.

If you have any questions about custom questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the Classy Support Team for assistance.