Frequently Asked Questions about Classy Passport

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2018 06:16AM PDT

Classy Passport brings international fundraising to the Classy platform. Passport enables nonprofits to take their fundraising global, engaging new and existing international supporters through a seamless giving experience.

What is Classy Passport?

Classy Passport leverages industry-first cross-currency functionality to optimize campaign and donation checkout pages, making them accessible to virtually any supporter, anywhere in the world. Classy Passport supports multi-currency fundraising, multi-currency donations, and USD or international currency processing - all under one campaign.

How does Passport work?

Classy Passport allows you to create Donation Pages, Crowdfunding Campaigns, and Peer-to-Peer Campaigns, as well as set fundraising goals in over 130 currencies.  Additionally, your supporters can set fundraising and team goals in their preferred currency.  When a supporter visits a donation page, their native currency and applicable address fields automatically display, making it easy for them to give to your cause.  All receipts will display the donor's amount in their chosen currency, as well as the converted amount charged by the processor.

Note: Classy Passport is available for clients using Classy Pay (a microservice between Classy and your payment processor) and the latest campaign types in the new Classy fundraising suite. 

*If your organization has USD set as the default currency, receipts will reflect US tax-deductible language and may, therefore, not be compliant in other countries.
**International currency processing (non-USD) and applicable country tax entity information is also, optionally, available. 

How much does Passport cost?

We are debuting Classy Passport at no extra charge, initially waiving the associated transaction fees in order to empower clients to explore international growth opportunities and reach a broader world of supporters.

Once this promotion period ends, the pricing will be as follows for any transaction that's chosen currency doesn't match the organization's base currency (generally USD):
Free/ Non-Subscription (Pay As You Go) Clients: 2% Fee (+ Classy fee and payment processor fee)
Subscription Based Clients: 1.5% Fee (+ Classy fee and payment processing fee)

Please note that clients may be subject to conversion related banking fees.
* Clients utilizing the optional international currency processing will be charged $100/ currency set-up fee.

What is Cross-Currency?

Cross-Currency delivers multi-currency fundraising, multi-currency donations, multi-currency receipting, and USD or (optionally) international payment processing, all from a single campaign.

Classy is the first and only fundraising platform that offers Cross-Currency functionality.

Cross-currency in action: You've created a campaign with a goal of $50,000 USD. One of your supporters in the United States creates a fundraising page in response, sets their goal in USD, and asks friends and family in England, Australia, and Japan to support them.  Each of those people will see the donation page in their native currency and can make a donation in Great British Pounds, Australian Dollars, and Japanese Yen. Alternatively, one of your supporters creates a fundraising page and sets their goal in Australian Dollars (AUD) and engages their network of friends, family, and colleagues.  All gifts funnel back to your single campaign.  Classy Pay  (Classy's micro service between your payment processor) conducts a currency lookup, and conversion, for each donation, and forwards that to your payment processor.  For example, if your payment processor is $USD, all donations other than $USD are converted, based on real-time exchange rates. All issued receipts state the donor's chosen currency and amount, along with the converted processed amount and currency if a conversion took place (usually USD).

What currencies are supported?

Classy Passport supports over 130 currencies.

What is International Currency Processing?

International currency processing is an option service available at an additional charge through Classy Passport. When set up, international currency processing allows nonprofits to accept and process donations in multiple currencies around the world without any conversions or foreign transaction fees or matching currencies.  Rather than converting donations to a nonprofit's processor currency prior to processing the donation, Classy will facilitate donations in pre-configured currencies such as Euro, Pound, Yen, etc. This configuration circumvents credit card fees for international transaction of raw donations that match a charge/ processor currency. 

Pricing for International Settlement:
$100 set up fee for each international currency plus applicable transaction fees.

Does Classy Passport work for Canadian clients?

Classy Passport (international currency processing + tax entity information) only applies to Canadian clients that also have a US affiliate and want to transact in both currencies and offer US tax entity information to donors (under a single Classy account). 

Which payment processors does Classy Passport support?

Classy Passport can be used with Braintree, WePay, or For clients using international currency payment processing, you must use Braintree.

Does Classy Passport include language translation?

Language translation is currently not available.

What types of clients would benefit from using Classy Passport?

Classy Passport is for nonprofits who want to expand their supporter base globally, whether they have existing international supporters or are looking to branch out. It's a great option for organizations that are managing their online international fundraising through multiple, disparate systems and want to coordinate efforts onto a single platform.

How is Classy Passport turned on/off?

Classy Passport will automatically be turned on for all clients. To turn Classy Passport off, please contact the Classy Support Team.

Can Classy Passport be disabled/ enabled per campaign?

When enabled, Classy Passport is turned on for all campaigns at the account level and cannot be turned on/off for specific campaigns or pages.

What type of reporting is available in Classy?

Additional columns have been added to the Transactions report to track Classy Passport transactions. These four columns include: Display Currency which is the currency code (eg. Great British Pounds) of the donor's selected currency, Display Amount which is the amount of the donation in the display currency (eg. £ 50 Great British Pounds), Charged Currency this is the Currency code (eg. USD) of the currency in which the donation was processed, and Charged Amount which is the converted amount sent for processing ($66.29 USD). You can add these option columns and run reports at the campaign and organization level.

What type of reporting is available with Classy for Salesforce?

The latest version of the Classy for Salesforce integration includes a custom report called "Classy Passport Transactions" and is available in the Classy Reports folder in Salesforce. This report includes the information contained in the Classy Report, plus additional transaction related fields.

How does Classy Passport work for supporters?

Classy Passport creates a closer-to-home experience for your donors, fundraisers and team captains. Classy Passport enables supporters to create individual and team fundraising pages with fundraising goals in over 130 currencies to produce a familiar and comfortable experience using your supporters' native currencies.

Additionally, it gives international donors a more familiar giving experience by leveraging their browser language settings to display their native currency and address fields on donation pages, as well as displaying the applicable currency on their donation receipt.

Here is an example if someone were donating from their computer in France.

You will also notice that the address fields default to the country you are making the donation from based on your browser preferences.  For instance Region & Postal Code will be seen instead of State & Zipcode.


Can donors and fundraisers override their native currency and donate in another?

Yes, they can. When making a donation or creating a fundraising page, supporters can select from a list of available currencies.

What do I need to know about Conversion and Bank Fees?

Passport creates a more natural and relatable experience for your supporters by displaying all amounts on your donation pages in their native currency. Since these donations are still international donations, at the submission of the donation, depending on your organization's processor, you may be charged an additional international charge. To verify the additional international fee, we recommend checking with your payment processor.

For organizations who set up international currency processing and bank accounts in multiple countries, Classy will match international currency donations to your additionally configured international currencies, therefore avoiding the additional international fee.

What is US-Settlement versus International Settlement?

For both US and International Settlement, settlement is the process of moving money from the processor to your nonprofit's bank account. Classy does not impact this part of a nonprofit's business. All of this configuration will take place within the nonprofit's payment processor.

Please contact the Classy Support Team if you have any additional questions about Classy Passport.