How to Set and Edit a Global Theme

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2018 11:07AM PST

A Global Theme allows you to set and manage 3 key design elements that appear across your campaign pages. These include your campaign logo, hero image, and primary color. More importantly, a global theme ensures your branding stays consistent across your campaign pages—a core part of a seamless donation experience for your supporters.  

In this article, we will explain how to set up and edit your global theme using the following steps:

  1. Open Your Global Theme Settings
  2. Set Your Global Theme
  3. FAQ

Note: You can set a global theme on 3 of Classy’s campaign types: Ticketed Events, Registration with Fundraising and Donation Pages. Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer campaigns do not currently offer the option to set a global theme. But you can still manage the appearance of these campaigns by editing the individual pages.


Open Your Global Theme Settingsdetails tab and theme menu

1. Open the campaign you want to add a global theme to
2. Click on the Details tab and select Theme from the left-hand menu

Set Your Global Themeadding a logo

 1. Click Upload Campaign Logo to set your global logo

  • Your logo will appear in the headers and footers of your campaign
  • To swap logos, simply click the Upload button and add a new image
  • If you do not want to use a logo, click the Remove button   

upload logo and color 2. Click Upload Background Image to set your global background

  • The background image appears on every page and will also apply to your Hero Image 
  • To swap backgrounds, click the Upload button and add a new image
  • Click the Remove button if you do not want a background image

 3. Click the Primary Color Circle to set your global color

  • The color you choose will apply to key features including buttons and content blocks
  • The primary color will also be your background if you do not use a background image

 4. Click Save Changes to apply your theme

  • A pop up window will appear and ask if you want to apply your theme to emails as well
  • This is to ensure brand consistency—to learn more please view our guide on email themes


When should I use a Global Theme?

Global themes are a good match if your campaign pages do not have a complex design. They are also a useful tool for creating campaign templates or making campaign wide branding updates quickly—for example: updating logos after a rebrand.  

Can I still edit individual pages after setting a theme?

Yes, but any future changes to the global theme may override parts of your custom design. In this situation, we like to view updates to the global theme as a reset button.      

Need more help? Start a conversation with our Care Team.

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