Why Can't I Publish My Campaign?

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2018 09:18AM PDT

Are you having difficulties publishing your first campaign? Below we explain common setup that must be completed prior to publishing a campaign on Classy. 

1. Activate Account
2. Setup Payment Processor
3. Account Verification By Classy


1. Activate Your Account

If you're seeing the message above, this means that your account has not been activated yet. The account activation process requires you to enter billing information for security reasons (you will NOT be charged). Please note that if you are a paid plan client, it's likely that your Account Executive has already completed this step for you.


2. Setup Payment Processor

Once you've activated your account, it will be necessary to set up your payment processor. For more information about setting up your payment processor, please see here.

3. Account Verification by Classy

If you're seeing a message that states "You can publish your campaign once your payment processor has been verified",  this means that your account has not yet been verified by Classy. Once you've set up your payment processor, it takes about one business day for Classy to verify your account setup. If it is urgent that you must be able to publish a campaign right away, please contact Classy Support to have your account verification process expedited. 

If you have any questions about publishing a campaign, do not hesitate to reach out to the Classy Support Team for assistance.