Currency Display Logic using Classy Passport Explained

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2018 01:25PM PDT

Passport allows you to engage your fundraisers and donors all over the world. With Passport, your supporters can fundraise and donate to your campaign in 130+ currencies (Euros, Australian Dollars, United States Dollars, etc.). Read below to learn how currencies are displayed based on your supporter's browser settings.


Fundraiser View

If a campaign goal is set in Australian Dollars, a fundraiser in the United States can still create a fundraising page with a fundraising goal in their own native currency (United States Dollars). When the fundraiser goes to the Campaign Landing Page, they will still see the progress bar listed in Australian Dollars, however.

When the US fundraiser clicks the "Become a Fundraiser" button, they will have the option to toggle the currency of their individual fundraising goal to the currency of their choice. In this case, the fundraiser wants to fundraise in USD.

Donor View

The donation checkout page will display suggested donation amounts in the donor's native currency. Classy determines the donor's native currency based on the user's browser settings. For instance, if a donor in the United States has their browser settings set to English (United States), then they would see the suggested donation amounts listed in USD (U.S. Dollars).  

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