Classy Passport Glossary of Terms

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2018 08:56AM PDT

This support article will help you to better navigate and understand some of the more technical and unique terminology associated with our Passport functionality. Classy Passport allows you to create campaigns and fundraising pages that engage supporters and donors all over the world. Passport encompasses multi-currency display for fundraisers and donors under one campaign. Please note: Passport is supported only on Donation Pages, Peer to Peer Campaigns, and Crowdfunding Campaigns. It is not available or supported by Events pages or by Classic campaign types. You can learn more about Classy Passport here. 

General Passport Terms

Classy Passport - Classy Passport is a product offering that allows for Multi-Currency Display (default setting) and International Currency Processing (additional service). By default, all organizations will receive Multi-Currency Display. To setup your account for International Currency Processing, please reach out to Classy Support.
Cross-currency - The ability for an organization to set up a campaign in one currency (e.g. Australian Dollars), yet also allows a supporter in Japan create an individual fundraising page in Japanese Yen for that same campaign. Their friends from all over the world can donate in their own native currency, all within a single campaign.
Multi-currency display - Multi-currency display exposes 130 different currencies to your supporters, with the ability to switch between those currencies, when making a donation, signing up to fundraise as an individual or a team, and/or creating a campaign as a organization administrator.
International currency processing - This is an additional service Classy provides beyond Multi-currency display. When enabled, International currency processing will process doantions in specific pre-configured currencies (configured by the Organization) such as Euro, Pound, Yen, etc. With this configuration, if the donor's credit card currency and organization’s processor currency align, both the donor and benefitting organization are able to circumvent the additional credit card fees typically assessed for international transactions.

Currency Definitions

Default currency (base/normalized currency) - Set in the nonprofit’s Classy account. Once set, this cannot be changed. All transactions from all currencies will be converted to this currency at checkout, and will ensure consistent calculations for fundraising totals across campaigns, fundraising pages, and team pages. This is also the currency that any raw, unsupported currencies will be charged in. In most cases, the default currency will be USD.
Charge currency - The currency of the nonprofit’s connected processor. A nonprofit can have multiple charge currencies. When a nonprofit has international currency processing, Classy will automatically route donations that match the charge currencies configured by the nonprofit to the appropriate processor. Classy is currently limited to the currencies that Braintree supports, which is about 14.
Raw currency/Display currency - Raw currency is one of the 130+ available currencies chosen by the donor during a donation, by the fundraisers or team captains while creating their fundraising pages, or by the nonprofit when creating their campaigns. Any raw currency donation that doesn’t have a processor connected to it, will process in the organization’s default currency (likely USD).
Unsupported raw currency - A raw currency that doesn’t have a processor connected in the same currency. These unsupported raw currencies will be converted by Classy prior to submission to the processor.
Native currency - Native currency is the detected currency that first appears on a donation checkout page, or when creating a fundraising page, team page, or campaign, determined by Classy’s product logic. 


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