ClassyGives FAQs

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2018 10:29AM PDT

1. What is ClassyGives?

  • ClassyGives is an annual philanthropic initiative where the Classy staff bands together as a community to fundraise for a Classy Award winner.

  • In 2017 we supported Days for Girls, an organization dedicated to strengthening women and girls' sense of dignity and self-esteem by making sustainable feminine hygiene solutions and health education available around the world.

  • You can find the 2017 ClassyGives campaign for Days for Girls HERE.


2. Why did Classy start ClassyGives?

  • In 2016, Classy Award finalist, buildOn, challenged Classy to use our own fundraising platform to raise enough money to build a school in Nepal; we ended up crushing our goal of $30,000, raising $123,000, with a few team members eventually traveling to Nepal to help build the school.

  • To further our mission to mobilize and empower the world for good while honoring our Pledge 1% commitment, Classy turned ClassyGives into a new tradition, fundraising for one of the 2017 Classy Award winners, Days for Girls.

  • ClassyGives provides an opportunity for our team to utilize the platform as any nonprofit or supporter would, further connecting us not only to the technology but to the nonprofits we serve day in and day out.


3. How do you select the organization you'll be fundraising for each year?

  • We held a staff vote from the pool of the 2017 Classy Award Winners (10 total), with Days for Girls receiving the most votes. It was a close race!


4. What are the Classy Awards?

  • The Classy Awards is an annual celebration created by Classy to recognize the most innovative social programs in the sector.

  • Before officially launching the Classy platform, the founding team witnessed a lack of recognition in the social sector, so they created the annual Classy Awards – the first awards show of its kind – to shine a spotlight on the innovative work nonprofits are implementing around the globe.

  • All nominees are asked to complete an extensive application process and are then judged by the Leadership Council, an honorary board of industry leaders and field experts.


5. How do I become a Classy Award winner so that my organization has the chance to be selected for ClassyGives?

  • Any nonprofit can apply to become a Classy Award winner – they don’t have to be a Classy client or using the platform in any way.

  • Learn more about the Classy Awards HERE.  


6. How do I apply for a 2019 Classy Award?

  • The 2019 Classy Award Nomination period has not opened yet. If you are interested in receiving information when the nomination period is open or if you know an organization that should be nominated for a Classy Award, please enter your information HERE.


7. How much money do you raise for the organization you fundraise for?

  • While we can’t guarantee that the team will raise a specific amount, we set an aspirational goal to support the organization’s unique programs and needs.

  • We worked closely with the Days for Girls team to set a fundraising goal of $30,000, considered a “full cycle” (period pun intended):

    • The first $10K provides health education and a Days for Girls Kit to 1,000 girls;

    • The second $10K will launch 10 micro-businesses where leaders will learn how to produce the Kits in-country;

    • The third $10K will ensure that those micro-business owners have all of the equipment, marketing skills and a Days for Girls mentor who will visit and provide guidance as they start up their new business.

  • This “full cycle” ensures that women and girls learn to be the next generation of leaders and help smash the shame too often associated with menstruation. It also provides opportunities for women to gain a leadership position and income.


8. Does our organization have to be a Classy client for you to fundraise for us?

  • Nope! In order to recognize innovation at the broadest level, we accept Classy Award nominations from all nonprofits and social enterprises, and many past winners have not been Classy clients.

  • We’ll fundraise each year for whichever Classy Award winner gets selected – whether or not they’re a client.