An Introduction to the Classy Manager

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2018 09:46AM PDT

Welcome to the new Classy Manager! A powerful new tool to navigate the Classy platform with ease, check on the overall health of your campaigns and see a more complete picture of how your supporters interact with your organization.  In this article, we will introduce the Classy Manager and highlight the exciting new features.



The Home tab holds the new Activity Wall which provides high-level fundraising metrics and insight into the individual supporter actions that make up your campaigns. At the top of the page, you’ll see a summary of your fundraising activity for the current week. While it defaults to the current week, you will also be able to view metrics for ‘This Month’ and ‘This Year’ (calendar year). 

Below the fundraising summary, you’ll find information about your campaign activity. From here, admins can view and ‘comment’ on the individual activity of their supporters. Commenting on an activity feed item will generate an email to that specific supporter/fundraiser. 

Click here to learn more about navigating the new Activity Wall.


After accessing the Classy Manager, you will land in the Campaigns tab where you can navigate easily from campaign to campaign. Your campaigns will display in order of last activity, but they can be sorted in alphabetical order by clicking the ‘Campaign Name’ column or by amount raised by clicking the ‘Total Revenue’ tab.

Just above the campaign listing, lives the filters and search function. Through this feature, you’re able to display all of one or multiple campaign types, as well as filter by campaign status. Select multiple filters to only display the specific campaigns you want to view. If you know exactly which campaign you are looking for, use the search feature located on the top right to quickly pull it up.

Ever wish you could get a quick view of your campaign’s health? Click on the arrow on the far right-hand side of the campaign row to open our new Side Panel. This feature serves up the most relevant high-level statistics so you can easily and continuously monitor the health of your campaigns.


The Supporters tab has been designed to simultaneously offer a high-level overview of those who interact with your organization, as well as provide an opportunity to drill down further and see what specific actions they have engaged in throughout the life of your Classy account.

When first entering the Supporters tab, your supporters will be listed in order of last activity.  You are able to sort based on the 5 columns provided, filter by the type of supporter via the color-coded dropdown in the top left, or by using the search field in the top right.

To see a more comprehensive view of a single supporter, click on their name within the listing to open the supporter record. The supporter record gives a full 360-degree view of all activity the supporter has done for your organization. Within this record, an admin is able to edit contact information, view all transactions, recurring donations, fundraising pages, and team captains pages associated with their account.

Click here to learn more about editing a supporter record.


The Transactions tab displays all transactions throughout the life of your Classy account.  The transactions can be sorted by the 6 columns present, filtered by campaign using the drop down from the top left, or searched for using the search bar on the top right.

Clicking on the transaction ID will open up the transaction record. Within the transaction record, all details specific to that transaction are able to be viewed and edited.


Classy offers the opportunity to send out an annual recurring giving summary to all recurring donors who have donated during the calendar year. To learn more, please view this resource.

Organizations are able to make various edits to recurring giving plans through the Recurring Giving tab. When first entering the Recurring Giving tab, you will have the opportunity to sort, filter, and search for specific recurring plans in order to see high-level information related to the specific records. Records will display with any one of the following statuses: ​

Clicking on the recurring ID will take you to the overview page for that specific record. From here, you can view more detailed information related to the specific recurring record and even edit payment information and transaction info.

If you are unable to edit a specific recurring record, please click here for more information.


Reporting in the Classy Manager is more powerful than ever and includes many data points to filter and report on.

When clicking on the Reports tab, you will be taken to an overview screen that displays all general reports. You can also choose to view Classy recommended reports as well as your own custom saved reports.

Clicking on specific IDs within reporting will take you to the relevant record’s overview screen.


Use the API + Apps tab to gain access to the Classy API and enable third-party extensions. Take advantage of these integrations and marry your Classy data with your favorite fundraising tools. You can also find additional information and support tools for each extension here.


The Settings tab Classy Manager is where the highest level details of your organizational account can be set and modified.

Details specific to your organization, including address, name, and EIN can be set here. Be sure to fill out your primary account contact to decide what email address important notifications are sent to.

Click here to learn more about editing your organization's info.

Click admins to be taken to a complete list of your account’s current administrators. From this view, you may add additional administrators via the green add button in the top right, or click on the current admin’s name to edit their permission level and notification setting. This is also where you may add admins to receive notification emails.

Click here to learn more about editing your organization's administrators.

The billing section allows for you to view in full detail your account’s subscription billing history. From here, you may update your billing information and view past payment history.

Click here to learn more about editing your organization's billing information.

Here, you are able to add and manage program designations associated with your Classy account. Program designations are useful because they can be tracked across all campaigns and can be leveraged to allow donors to select which designation they wish to support.


In the Branding section you can set the profile image and primary color for your organization as well as the logo and banner image for your organization's Supporter Pages.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Classy Support for assistance.