How to Resend a Receipt Through the Classy Manager

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2018 05:06PM PST

The Classy Manager allows for transactions to be quickly viewed and edited. In this support article, we will walk through how to resend a receipt using the Classy Manager.


1. Open the Transactions Tab

Once in the Classy Manager, select the Transactions tab to gain access to a list of all transactions that have gone through your Classy account.

2. Click to edit in the Transaction Record

The transactions listing displays all transactions throughout the life of your Classy account. From here, use the filtering and/or search function to locate the specific transaction record in need of editing. Click on the transaction record’s ID to open up the transaction record.

3. Send Receipt

Clicking the ‘send receipt’ button will open a window so you can confirm that you are sending the receipt to the correct billing email address. 

Click the Send Receipt button if you want to resend the receipt. If you want to send it to a different email, click the the Send to a Different email address link. You can use this option if your supporter has a new email address or wants their receipt sent to a different email address. 

If you need any further assistance, please contact Classy Support