How to Edit Your Organization Settings

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2019 10:44AM PST

If you need to update account details such as your organization’s name, primary contact information, or time zone, you can do so through your Organization Settings under your Settings tab.   

In this article, you will learn how to access your Organization Settings and make changes: 

  1. Open Your Organization Settings
  2. Change Your Organization Information
  3. What You Can Change Cheatsheet

Open Your Organization Settings

1. Open the Settings tab
2. Click on Organization 

Change Your Organization Information

From here, you can change your organization information including the name of your Classy account, your primary contact information, and the time zone of your account.  

1. Click the Edit button 
2. Update any of the information you need to change
3. Click Save when you are finished

What You Can Change


This is your basic account information and includes:

  • The name of your Classy account
  • Your EIN number
  • Your organization address

Primary Account Contact

This is the primary contact information that is associated with your account and includes: 

  • Your contact name
  • Your primary contact email address
  • Your phone number

Note: You can set up an email distribution group with your provider and forward messages to multiple people if you wish. This is a good option if you have multiple people managing your account. 


These are links you can share with people to showcase your cause. Rather than hunting them down each time you want to share, you can come here for quick access anytime. The links you can add include:

  • Your organization’s main website address
  • Your Facebook URL
  • Your Twitter Handle

Classy Mode

Classy Mode is a feature that allows supporters to increase their gifts. In most cases, organizations use this to cover transaction fees. If you are new to Classy Mode, we recommend viewing our guide. It explains what Classy Mode is and how it works in further detail.

Time Zone

This is the time zone for your account and all reports for the account will display in the one you choose.


From here you can change the Opt-In Description for your emails. This message displays on donation pages when supporters choose to opt in or out of receiving non-essential emails.

Donation Receipt Signature 

This signature will show up on all donation receipts that are sent to supporters from your account. All official donation receipts must contain the signature of an individual authorized by the nonprofit to acknowledge donations. For organizations based in Canada, this signature is required by law.   

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