Modifying Billing Information Through the Classy Manager

Last Updated: Oct 17, 2018 04:09PM PDT

The Classy Manager allows global administrators to quickly view and edit organizational billing information. In this support article, we will walk through how to edit an organization’s billing information.


1. Select ‘Settings’

Once in the Classy Manager, select the Settings tab to gain access to your organizational settings.

2. Click ‘Billing’ to manage your organization’s administrators

The billing interface allows for you to see information specific to your Classy plan. From here you can update the credit card on file and provide an email address for the contact who should receive billing related communication at your organization. 

You'll also find the payment history section, which displays activity related to your subscription billing. If you need any specific statements sent to you, please reach out to Classy Support and we'd be happy to help.