Social Media Settings for Your Campaign

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2018 11:46AM PST

Classy campaign pages allow supporters to share your campaign through social media, text, and email. You can control the messaging that supporters share to ensure others understand your cause.   


Open Your Sharing Settings

1. Open the campaign you want to edit
2. Click on the Details Tab
3. Click on Sharing from the left-hand menu

Facebook Settings

The Facebook settings allow you to customize how your campaign displays when it’s shared as a Facebook post. More specifically, you can change the image and description that appears when a supporter shares your campaign.1. Click Upload A Facebook Image to upload an image
2. Write your description in the description text block (you can use up to 300 characters)

Tip: Classy automatically pulls in an image from your campaign for Facebook posts—this ensures visual consistency. But you can always change the image by clicking the upload cloud in the bottom right corner of the image block. To remove images completely, click the X. 

Note: Updates to your image take about 1-2 minutes to process—this allows Classy to clear its internal cache. In simple terms, it ensures your new image appears when shared from then on. 

What it Looks Like: 

Twitter Settings

You can also customize the twitter message that will appear when your campaign is shared on Twitter. Note  that Twitter limits messages to 280 characters. We recommend using Bitly to shorten the default URL in the text block and save space. To customize your message, simply write it in the text block. 

Note: There is not a way to change the image in your Twitter message because Twitter pulls images from your campaign link. That said, it will pull your hero image or the background image for standalone donation pages which ensures visual consistency. 

What it Looks Like:

Text (SMS) Settings

You can also customize the message that appears when supporters share your campaign through text messages. Be sure to leave the URL to your campaign in the message. To customize the message, simply write the message you want in the appropriate text block. Note: The option to share through text messages only appears if supporters are viewing your campaign on a mobile device.  
What it Looks Like:

Email Settings

You can also customize the email messages that supporters can send to share your campaigns. Remember to leave the link to your campaign in the message so new supporters can find your campaign online. To customize emails, simply write your subject line and message in the appropriate Email text blocks.

What it Looks Like:

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