How to Create a Promo Code

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2019 04:00PM PST

With Classy you can set up promo codes for ticketed events and registration with fundraising campaigns to engage and attract attendees. Whether you want to offer a percentage off or a specific dollar amount, you can from the details tab of your campaign editor.  

In this article, you will learn how to create and edit promo codes:

  1. Open Your Promo Code Settings
  2. Create a Promo code
  3. Edit a Promo Code

Open Your Promo Code Settings

1. Open the campaign/event you would like to edit 
2. Click on the Details tab
3. Select the Promo Codes from the left-hand menu

Create a Promo Code

1. Click the Create New button
2. Fill out the Promo Code form—with the form you can: 

  • Choose a promo code name
  • Choose whether your discount is a percentage of the cost or a specific dollar amount
  • Choose which tickets or registrations your code applies to
  • Set the promotional period for your promo code
  • Limit the number of redeemable codes or make them unlimited

3. Click the Save & Create New button to save your promo code and create another one
4. Or, you can click Save Promo to save your promo code and return to your promo code settings

Note: The chosen Fair Market Value/Event Costs of a ticket or registration will not adjust with a promo code, even if a percentage is chosen. If a promo code is applied to a ticket or registration that is more than the tax-deductible amount, the promo will deduct from the donation portion first and the event costs second. 

Example: If you have a $100 ticket and $40 is the fair market value, that would make the donation portion of the ticket $60. A promo code for $50 would leave a donor with $10 as the tax deductible amount. 

Edit a Promo Code

1. Click on the promo code you want to edit from the Promo Code settings

  • An editor will appear to the right of the screen

2. Make the changes you want in the editor to the right
3. Click Save Changes to save your edits

Note: When a promo code is used, the discounted price will show up on the donation receipt. (The promo code itself will not show up). If the promo code takes off the entire price of a ticket or registration, the supporter will not receive a receipt—however, they will still receive a confirmation email that shows they have been charged $0.

You always have the ability to keep track of supporters who have claimed promo codes through your reporting tools.   

Delete A Code

You can also delete a promo code using the promo code editor. However, once you delete a code, you cannot use it again within that particular campaign. A pop-up window will appear with additional information so you can confirm whether or not to delete it. 

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