Adding a Promo Code for Ticketed Events

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2018 11:46AM PST

Promo codes are used to provide discounted registration rates for an event. They're offered per registration and can be discounted as a percentage rate or USD amount. This support article will walk through how to set up promo codes for a Ticketed Event.


1. Select Details and Navigate to Promo Codes

Click on Details and select Promo Codes.

2. Create New Promo Code

Click on Create New to add a promo code.

Enter the desired promo code name. Promo codes must be unique per campaign, cannot be changed once redeemed, and are not case sensitive.

Determine whether the promo code is for a USD amount off, or percentage off. Upon selection, you'll see the projected registration cost per registration type on the bottom. 

Note: The chosen Fair Market Value/Event Costs of a ticket or registration will not adjust with a promo code, even if a percentage is chosen. If a promo code is applied to a ticket or registration that is more than the tax-deductible amount, the promo will deduct from the donation portion first and the event costs second. 

Example: If you have a $100 ticket and $40 is the fair market value, that would make the donation portion of the ticket $60. A promo code for $50 would leave a donor with $10 as the tax deductible amount. 

Now select which registration(s) the promo code should apply to. Once the registration(s) are selected, the discounted registration price will display to the right.


Set the promotional period by adding a start and end date for the promo code. If the promo code doesn't have an expiration date, check the box for no "end date". An example use case here is if you're offering an early bird promotion that's only available for a limited period. The start/end date can be utilized to limit the promotional period. 

You can also set the number of promo codes available. If the quantity is not limited, check the box to indicate unlimited. When setting the quantity, it's important to understand what constitutes a usage of a promo code. Promo codes will be counted per registration it was used for, and are not counted as 1 per entire order. For example, if the promo code for $5 off General Admission was used, and 5 General Admission tickets were purchased in one order, then 5 usages of the promo code would be depleted from the number of promo codes available, not just 1 for the entire order.  

If you have any other questions, please contact Classy Support.