Classy for Salesforce - Control Panel Overview

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2018 11:05AM PDT


The Classy Control Panel provides an easy to use interface that gives you the tools to check the health of your data, configure settings with ease, and have full control over customizing your own integration. This article will highlight the main features of the Control Panel located within the Data Health and Configuration tabs. Overall, the goal of the Classy Control Panel is to provide one central place to manage your Classy for Salesforce integration.


Data Sync Tools

Using the Data Sync Tool, you can set a custom date range and with the click of a button sync any data that may be missing from your Salesforce instance. We recommend starting off with a small date range before moving into syncing a few months of data. The Data Health tool was created to provide more insight into data syncing from Classy to Salesforce. You can choose to look back at a specific number of days, and validate that your records are transferring correctly. See this article for step-by-step instructions on how to set up & use these tools.


This section of the Control Panel surfaces information related to your integration set up. You can validate your API key, see high-level configuration information, and review the last 5 records synced to your Salesforce instance. For a more in-depth review, visit this article.



The Configuration section of the Classy Control Panel gives you maximum control to customize your integration to align with your org’s needs. The settings have been broken out into different parts based on the object they relate to. Additional information on integration settings can be found here.


Account & Contact Management: Manage how Contacts & Accounts are created and updated from within this section and customize how Classy performs Contact matching.

Campaign Management: Manage settings related to Campaigns, including Classy Parent Campaigns, Fundraising Pages, Teams, and Campaign Members.

Donation Management: Manage settings related to donations (Opportunities), including Contact Roles & Recurring Donations. 

Data Processing: Manage settings related to data processing and data autocorrect within the Classy for Salesforce application. *Please note any change made to default settings may yield unexpected results.* 

Package Management: Manage settings related to general Classy for Salesforce package configuration including Custom Field Mapping.