How to Change Your Event Location

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2019 03:44PM PST

If you are hosting an event and need to change the location, you can do so with your campaign designer. You can even customize the location marker to help guide your supporters to your venue.

In this article, you will learn how to change your event location:

  1. Open Your Location Settings
  2. Edit Your Location Details

Open Your Location Settings

1. Open the campaign/event you would like to edit 
2. Click on the Pages tab
3. Select the Landing Page from the options
4. Click on the Design tab
5. Click on Location from the left-hand menu

Edit Your Location Details

The Location Description

1. Enter your venue or location name in the headline textblock
2. Enter your location description in the description textblock

Note: You can use the subheadline textblock as well if you need to provide additional location information. We recommend keeping your location details direct and easy to follow.  

The Map

1. Scroll down to the Map section
2. Check the Use Custom Marker Box under the map 
3. Enter your location into the text block above the map
4. Click Save & Update Page at the top 

Pro tip: You can change the zoom on the map and move the location marker to give supporters a more accurate idea of where your event is located. To change the zoom, hold down the command or control key and scroll up or down on the map. To move the location marker, simply click a location on the map. This is useful for events held in large locations such as parks.    

From here, you can use the remaining design options to change things such as the background color for your location block. You can also return here to change your location anytime—just be sure to send out an email to your supporters notifying them that your location has changed. 

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