How to Create a Program Designation

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2019 02:49PM PST

A program designation allows supporters to designate their donations to one of your specific projects. For example, you could set up a program designation for school supplies and another for school lunches. Supporters can then choose/designate which project to send their donations to. Note that program designations are only available in donation pages and crowdfunding and peer-to-peer campaigns.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create a program designation using the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings Tab
  2. Create a Program Designation

Open the Settings Tab

1. Click on the Settings tab from the Classy Manager
2. Select Program Designations from the options that appear 

Create a Program Designation

1. Click the Add button to create a new program designation

  • Once you create a program designation, you cannot delete it. However, you can edit or disable it when no longer needed. 

2. Enter your program designation information in the appropriate text blocks
3. Choose to enable or disable your program designation 

  • Disabling will hide the designation during campaign setup and from supporters

4. Enter the optional location details if relevant
5. Click Save at the top of the screen 

Pro Tip: Location details are a good option if you have fundraising projects in different cities. For example, you may have a funding project in Boston and one in San Diego. Setting up 2 designations for each location means your supporters can choose where to send donations to.

Note: The general funds project designation cannot be modified to ensure every account has a designation for general donations. But you can edit your other designations anytime, simply click on it from the program designation screen. 

From here, we recommend setting up your program designation within your campaigns. To learn more, view our guide


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