Classy Pay and your Recurring Donors

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2018 03:45PM PDT

What is Classy Pay?

Classy Pay is payment processing system that connects your organization’s Classy account with your payment processor of choice (Braintree,, WePay). Classy Pay is responsible for processing transactions, creating recurring profiles, and tokenizing sensitive data for organization’s using Classy.

If the donations made to your organization were train cars, you could think of Classy Pay as the train station and your payment processor as the final destination. Classy Pay secures your donor’s credit card information, delivers it to the payment processor of choice, and reports back to your organization with the status of its arrival.

If your organization is using Braintree, WePay, or your organization is already utilizing Classy Pay! There is no additional cost or fees associated with Classy Pay and is available to use by any organization on Classy.

How does Classy Pay help me?

With Classy Pay, your organization has more visibility into transaction statuses, recurring giving plan health, and new features like Classy Recurring Management. Through Classy Recurring Management, you can update billing information, change recur on and end dates, and update the amount of recurring giving plans.

Switching payment processors? Previously, recurring giving plans would continue to transact through the payment processor they were created on. With Classy Pay, recurring giving plans will process through whatever payment processor your organization is connected to at that time allowing your organization to reconcile fewer reports.

Classy Pay also provides greater visibility and ownership of your recurring donors. If a recurring giving plan fails, Classy Pay receives a detailed error message back from the payment processor which can provide information on why a recurring giving plan did not process. Classy Pay will also attempt to charge a recurring giving plan that has failed for up to three months before moving it to a suspended state. Recurring giving plans that have been suspended can easily be reactivated by updating the credit card information on file.

Why can’t I manage all of my recurring giving plans through Classy Manager?

Classy is in the process of moving our platform to a new code base. Recurring giving plans created in the old code base are not compatible with products built in the new code base, including Classy Pay. These recurring giving plans will continue to process and be managed through the payment processor in which they were created. Organizations can still view these legacy recurring giving plans through Classy Manager and Classy Reporting, however management of these recurring giving plans must take place via the payment processor and/ or the classic recurring donors report.

If you have additional questions about this topic, or anything related to the Classy platform, please reach out to Classy Support for assistance.