Understanding Recurring Terminology

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2018 03:35PM PDT

At Classy, we use very specific terminology to define certain aspects related to recurring giving. In this support article we will define these aspects in hope that it facilitates better understanding of how these aspects relate to one another and more confidence in navigating Classy.

Recurring Giving Plan

When a generous individual selects to submit a ‘recurring’ gift (as opposed to one-time), a recurring giving plan is created for them. This recurring giving plan is defined with a unique Recurring ID that can be found within reporting. It is possible for an individual to have multiple recurring giving plans at the same time.

Through the new Classy Manager, organizations are able to change the campaign where a recurring giving plan is credited to. This can be a specific campaign, an individual fundraising page, or a fundraising team page. Moving where a recurring giving plan is credited will affect all donations going forward.

A recurring giving plan can have one of many statuses tied to it to reflect the current state it is in. This ‘status’ will help determine what (if any) action needs to be taken on a recurring giving plan.

Recurring Donor

Classy defines the recurring donor as the individual who is making the gift. This recurring donor is related to a specific supporter in the supporters section of the Classy Manager. If a supporter has a current or past recurring giving plan, the supporter is considered to be a recurring donor.

As Classy considers each unique email address that interacts with it to be a unique individual, the email address that the recurring donor enters at the time of creating a new recurring giving plan will determine if the plan is designated to an existing supporter (the email address was already connected to a supporter) or create a new supporter record (the email address was not already connected to a supporter).

The recurring donor will be able to log in to his/her member profile to manage their recurring giving plan. Within this section, they are able to update their payment information.

Recurring Donation

Recurring Donations are best thought of as the individual transactions that have been made as part of a recurring giving plan. These will manifest as individual transaction records within your transactions report. Within the transactions report, one may filter by the property ‘recurring plan ID’ and set the operator to ‘is not blank’ to view an exhaustive list of all recurring donations given to your organization.

Admins may re-credit specific recurring donations to a different campaign, individual fundraising page, or, fundraising team page through the transaction profile. All recurring donations that are a part of a recurring giving plan need not be credited to the same location.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Classy Support for assistance.