How to Modify Image Settings

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2018 11:07AM PDT

Classy's campaign design tools allow you to adjust the settings of your images to fit the desired look and feel of your campaign. This article will walk you through how to modify the image position and basic image settings.


Background Image Position 

Background images have positioning settings that you can use to arrange the image within the corresponding block.

After uploading a background image to your campaign, select the Image Position menu from below your Image in the Design Tab.

The following image positions are available:

  • Adaptive Cover - Image will be centered and stretch the full vertical height of the block, but the horizontal sides will be cropped off as the width of the screen shifts.

  • Center - image will be centered within the content block.

  • Tile - image will be repeated horizontally and vertically to cover all viewable space within the content's container.

  • Stretch - image will stretch to match only the width of the user's screen resolution.

  • Cover & Fixed - the image is stretched to accommodate the height and width of the user's entire screen and is locked in place so it will not scroll with the page. This gives your campaign a very cool, three-dimensional effect.​

Image Editing 

Some aspects of certain images can be altered with some basic editing tools.

  • Opacity - this setting affects the image's transparency. The higher the Opacity % the less transparent the image is. The lower the Opacity % the more transparent the image becomes. (not available for all images)

  • Blur - this setting affects how blurry the image appears. The higher the Blur % the more the image will be blurred. The lower the % the clearer image will be. (not available for all images)

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to Classy Support for assistance.