An Introduction to the Supporter Dashboard and Supporter Pages

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2018 03:05PM PDT

In this support article, we will explain what the Supporter Dashboard and Supporter Pages are. In addition, we will give a brief overview of the personal information supporters can manage using their accounts and how they might do so.  

If you are an admin for an organization using classy, you will access the Classy Manager through your supporter dashboard. (Scroll down to Navigating the Supporter Dashboard to see how).



A Supporter Account is automatically created the first time an individual donates to an organization using Classy donation forms. From their accounts, supporters can easily view all of their donation activity through the Supporter Dashboard.

A supporter’s account is created based on the email address used during the checkout process for a donation. All donation activity made by that email address going forward can be accessed through the new Supporter Dashboard.


New supporters will receive an email after their donation or registration titled "Your Donation Receipt." In this email, they have the opportunity to sign into the Supporter Dashboard that was automatically created for them.

After their initial login, they can access their Supporter Dashboard using two methods:

  • Existing supporters can access the Supporter Dashboard via your organization's domain masked URL/login—when a supporter lands on a donation page that uses Classy, they will see a Login link at the top right-hand corner.   

  • They can also access their dashboard by logging in via  


A Supporter Dashboard includes the following elements:

A: Nonprofit Organization Admin - If the supporter is also an admin for an organization that uses Classy, clicking Manage in this section will take them to the Classy Manager. They will see the dashboard for their organization. 

B: My Organizations - In this section, supporters can access Supporter Pages (more on this later) for each organization they support within the Classy ecosystem.

C: Contact Information - In this section, supporters can edit personal information like their name, address, or email address. This is also where they can choose to delete their account.

D: Password - In this section, supporters can change or reset their account password. If the supporter is also an admin for a Classy organization, this will change the password they use to access their supporter dashboard and the Classy Manager—as explained in section A above, admins access Classy Manager using the Organization Admin section of a supporter dashboard.


An individual will have a unique supporter page for every Classy organization they support. This page allows supporters to see a holistic view of their support for an organization and its programs. Supporter pages will use the design elements of the nonprofit organizations they are connected to, and organizations can customize the design elements to create a consistent brand experience. To learn more about branding, click here.

There are two ways supporters can access a Supporter Page from their Supporter Dashboard:

  • They can select an organization from My Organizations.

  • They can click the avatar at the top right of the screen. This will display a drop-down menu with the organizations they support. Then, they can select an organization to access the corresponding Supporter Page.


A Supporter Page includes the following elements:


A: Supporter Avatar - Supporters click here to update the photo that appears with public fundraising activity.

B: Supporter Since Date - The year the supporter first interacted with the organization on Classy.

C: Name - The display name that will appear with public comments and donations.

D: Settings - This link takes a supporter back to their Supporter Dashboard.

E: Given this Year - Total donated to the organization in the current year.

F: Total Given - The all-time total donated to the organization.

G: Total Fundraised - The all-time total fundraised for the organization.

Recurring Giving Impact Tiles

Supporters will also see impact tiles that give an overview of their recurring donations. The tiles include information on:

A: Donation Amount - Amount of the supporter’s recurring donation.

B: Transaction Status - This label identifies the current status of the recurring donation.

C: Campaign Name -  Name of the campaign that the recurring donation is sent to.  

D: Edit donation - Update credit card, see donation amount, frequency, status, recurring donation creation date, the next recurring transaction date, and cancel a recurring donation.

Additional information

Below the impact tiles, supporters will find the following:

A: Donation History - All donations to this organization.

B: Fundraisers - Current and past fundraisers.

C: Teams - Current and past fundraising teams.

D: Resend Receipt - Click here to resend a receipt.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Classy Support for further assistance!