Classy's Case Closure Guidelines

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2018 08:02AM PST

Our Care Team’s main goal is to help you resolve cases quickly and effectively. Before we close a case, we always ask whether the solution answers all your needs to make sure the case is truly resolved. However, there are some instances where your Case is closed because our team wasn’t able to reach you.

While this is rare, we are happy to help if you would like to continue the conversation. Below we explain our guidelines for closing cases: 


Our Team’s Guidelines

  • We respond to every case 
  • If we do not receive a reply to our response, we will attempt to contact you over a 5 day period
  • If we do not receive a reply after 5 days, we will close the case

The 5 day mark enables our team to address and manage active cases effectively. This ensures that whenever someone submits a case, we can respond and start working on a solution as fast as possible. 

Can I reopen a case?

Once a case is closed, we do not reopen it. If you would like to continue the conversation, please open a new case with us. 

We do not reopen closed cases because opening a new case is a faster and more effective way to receive a response from our team. However, we keep a record of closed cases so feel free to point us to it and we’ll be sure to review the details. 

What if I go Out of Office? 

If we receive an Out of Office response, the case will still close after 5 days. That said, our team will send a reply with instructions for opening a new case when you return. 

We do not attempt to contact another person at your organization unless they were added to the conversation by you. This ensures that the conversation remains secure and that we respect the privacy of others on your team. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Care Team