How to Set Up Your Account

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2018 09:33AM PDT
To setup your account on Classy there are a few simple steps:

1. Obtain your API Login ID and Transaction Key
2. Setup the Silent Post URL and Contact Classy
3. Disable Authorize email receipts
4. Uncheck Card Verification Code Requirement
5. Contact to ensure American Express is enabled
6. Contact Classy with your API credentials


1. Obtain your API Login ID and Transaction Key

NOTE: The API Login ID is not the same as your login ID for logging into the Merchant Interface.

- Log in to the Merchant Interface at
- Select Settings under Account from the main menu on the left
- Click API Login ID and Transaction Key in the Security Settings section 
- The API Login ID will be listed on this page
- If you have not already obtained a Transaction Key for your account you will need to enter the secret answer to the secret question you configured upon account activation
- Click Submit and the Transaction Key will be displayed for your account on the next page.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to record your API Login ID and Transaction Key immediately in a secure manner.

2. Setup the Silent Post URL In Your Account and Contact Classy

The silent URL is used to send our servers a response whenever activity happens on the payment gateway and we need to be notified. For example, whenever a payment transaction goes through as part of the Automated Recurring Billing subscription, this will send us a notification that this transaction occurred so we can update your reporting appropriately.

Go to the Settings page under Account and click on the Silent Post URL link under the Transaction Response Settings. In the URL field enter: only allows one Silent Post URL to be set per account. If your organization is using your account concurrently with another donation platform, you may need to create a different account. This only applies if you plan on using Classy for your organization's recurring giving.

Once complete, please contact the Classy Support Team with your API Login ID and Transaction Key along with a screenshot of The Silent Post URL settings

3. Disable Authorize Email Receipts

Since Classy sends donation receipts to the donor at the time of the transactions, we recommend turning off the email transaction receipt to prevent redundancy. This can be done from the settings page. Click on the Email Receipt Link under Transaction Response settings and then uncheck the boxes for Enable Email Confirmation.

4. Uncheck Card Verification Code Requirement

To ensure recurring donations process beyond the first month, please make sure that the card verification code is not a required field in your Merchant Interface. To change the field value to not required:

  • Log in to your Merchant Interface at

  • Click Settings in the main left side menu

  • Click Payment Form

  • Click Form Fields

  • Uncheck the field Card Verification Code 

  • Click Submit

5. Contact to ensure American Express is enabled

To ensure your organization does not run into any problems accepting payments from donors who contribute via American Express, you will need to contact directly and have them update the processors on your merchant account. You can do this by calling at 877-447-3938. A representative with will need to verify the account with some of your organization's specific account information like Secret Answer, last four of tax ID, last four of bank account, last four of a credit card, and/or last four of the social security number.

6. Contact Classy Support Team

Once you have completed the steps and you have your API credentials, please contact the Classy Support Team so they can complete the changes to your account. When contacting support, you can also request a copy of our recommended fraud filters.