Classy Mode

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2018 04:32PM PDT

Classy Mode gives your donors the option to cover your organization's transaction fees. It's a great way to boost the net donation amount from your generous supporters.

When you enable Classy Mode, the donor can choose to cover transaction fees on their gift. They'll be presented with a new total that includes the fees, so they know exactly how much they'll be charged.

Important Classy Mode Information

Due to the nature of our integrations with the payment processors we support - and the way each one handles fees and specific credit card types - there are some exceptions to Classy Mode's 100% fee coverage.

Get a full breakdown for fee calculation

For instructions on how to enable Classy Mode, please refer to one of these articles: Donation Settings for Crowdfunding Campaigns or Donation Settings for new Peer-to-Peer Campaigns.

If you have questions about Classy Mode, please contact us the Classy Support Team.

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  • If WePay is your payment processor, both your organization's Classy fees and your Wepay payment processing fees will be covered. Even if a donor uses an American Express or International credit card, our checkout form will automatically detect this and the additional fee will be covered. 

  • If PayPal Pro, Braintree, or is your payment processor, Classy Mode will cover the Classy transaction fee only. The nature of our integrations with PayPal Pro, Braintree, and do not allow the donor to cover transaction fees assessed by these processors.