How Events Work on Classy

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2016 10:38PM PDT

There are several types of events you can run on Classy. Click on the event type to jump right into that event's how-to guide.

1. Registration with Fundraising
2. Traditional Ticketed / Registration Events
3. Fundraise for Entry

1. Registration with Fundraising (Paid Subscription Plans Only)

In a Registration with Fundraising event, participants have the option to fundraise for your cause in teams or individually.

How it works on Classy: When an individual registers for an event, they will automatically have a fundraising page created for them. Likewise, if you register on behalf of others, all registrants will have fundraising pages created for them. Registration with Fundraising events are a great way to raise money leading up to the day of an event, like a run/walk. One example of Registration with Fundraising we love is Movemeant Foundation’s Dare to Bare event!

Pro Tip. Learn how Y in Central Maryland increased their annual Turkey Trot revenue with Registration with Fundraising.

2. Traditional Ticketed / Registration Events

Traditional ticketed/registration events are those for which you have attendees, like a gala, golf tournament, or race.

How it works on Classy: Sell tickets or registrations and track sales against your fundraising goal. You can add and customize different types of tickets, set prices (including $0), and set tax-deductible percentage.

3. Fundraise for Entry

Fundraise for entry events allow you to require an individual to fundraise a certain amount of money to participate in your event.

How it works on Classy: Supporters create a fundraising page and only once they hit the fundraising goal you have required of them, will they be automatically registered for the event. An example of Fundraise for Entry is Athletes 4 Cancer’s Kiteboarding 4 Cancer endurance race.

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