When to Use a Donation Page on Classy

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2018 09:08AM PDT

A Classy donation page is the most basic campaign type and the simplest way to collect donations and donor information. Donation page creation and customization are the same regardless of campaign type, which is why we’re starting here!

The most common donation page use case is as a donation form linked to the main donate button on your website. However, we recommend you use custom donation pages for:


  • Specific programs and campaigns
  • Recurring giving campaigns
  • Capital campaigns
  • Email appeal campaigns
  • And more!


The benefits of creating unique donation pages for a specific purpose:


  • Brand and messaging remains consistent from campaign page right through to the donation process.
  • Donors remain engaged with why the decided to give in the first place.
  • Branded donation pages drive more donations than generic pages. 


Pro tip. Use this infographic as you build out your donation page. It demonstrates the parts of an effective Classy donation page, along with tips for implementation.

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