How to Design a Donation Page

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2016 03:32PM PDT

Classy’s builder allows you to customize donation pages to match your organization’s brand. To get your design just right, follow these design best practices and image size requirements:

Logo Image - Appears in the top, left-hand corner of the page. The ideal dimensions are 296 pixels x 74 pixels

Background Image (Optional) - Appears through the middle of the page. We recommend 2000 pixels wide by at least 1200 - 1400 pixels tall. Use a shorter image if you'd like the image to appear to move with the page and a taller image if you'd like the background to scroll with the form.

Here is one example from Shining Hope for Communities

Remember that the donation form runs through the very center of the webpage. When you upload a background image, consider using an image with a focus on the left or right side of the photo so that it doesn’t get covered up by the donation form.

Pro tip. Learn the ins and outs of design best practices with these three core resources: design best practices infographic; Classy Designer Stacey Uy expert photography tips; The Classy Image Sizes Guide.

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